Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Scale is Your Best Friend!

 Scales are so important  when it comes to losing weight! I know when I first  started  losing weight it was hard and that  was because I  had  no idea  how much   I was  eating and  how much I was weighing!  Believe it or not that scale is your best  friend. If you are serious about  losing weight  get  both a weight scale and a food scale. It's going to be  your best friend in losing weight.

Obviously a  weight scale is important as we do need to know if we are on target when losing  weight. the main thing  on  a weight scale is if you're going to weight yourself do it when you first wake up in the morning before you eat anything.  That is your real weight. And honesty you don't need to weigh every day. I weigh once a week  usually on a Monday  because that is when I  start my workout for the week.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Feburary Valentine Sampler box

Sampler boxes are so much fun to get! I always  get a regular sampler box for turning in 100 samples from Out of the box Sampler but part of the reason I do  the 100 samples  is because I actually like to see what is out there that other people make. I also like to see what other packaging  ideas there are that people do. Regardless,  I enjoy   all the samples I get every time.  For this month Out of the box Sampler decided  to use a tote bag  for their bodacious  sampler box which I thought was really neat!  Their bigger box is awesome  because   you are guarantee to get every sampler from everyone that is donating for the month.  I tend to  buy the biggest box for myself and have Michelle mail out my free regular sampler  box to a friend   just to brighten  up some one's day. I like putting a smile on people's faces :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Did You Have A Valentine?

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Valentine's Day  is usually a day that you spend with your loved one.  Of course, that  isn't the  case for everyone  as  there are people that are  single too.  This Valentines I have celebrated on my own as well.  Single life is fun for me, I have never felt that I needed a  husband or a boyfriend.  Would I like to have one? Sure  of course, but I realized  its a bonus to have to have someone  in my life and not a necessity.  If  there is one thing  life  has  taught me  when it comes to being single,  I have learned to  love myself even more.  Heck, why have the Valentine blues when  in all honesty, what  makes me  happy is being my own best friend. I love Valentine's for the reason that I can share the love to my friends and  family.  Usually for Valentine's I  do home made treats and give  them out to everyone that I love very much.  I actually love to bake and when I make things for people I  find myself putting a lot love and effort into things. But this year I have been more  busy so I haven't able to  make my home made treats like I usually do for my family and friends. But that doesn't stop me from  being  giving  to the people I love most! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Shop Opening up!

As I was  saying last month I was  reinventing my site at Storenvy.   I  pretty much have imported most of Etsy store items there This are the same as my Etsy store. So this gives  everyone another option to shop  from my products. My blog has  been updated as well  to reflect both stores and on Facebook I will try to post both links of Etsy and Storenvy  when possible this way  at your convenience you can go to which one you feel is  comfortable.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get Something Positive For Yourself!

Yes, you heard me! Get Something positive for yourself, something that  will keep  reminding  you to stay positive no matter  how hard or  long that road may be to reach your goals.  Do you know what  can make you smile  every time you  look at it?   Well,  I am here to tell you  a little discovery I made last month.   I am a huge fan of stuff animals especially bears and well I grown found of the small amount of care bears I have with me but each Care Bear  has a purpose in my life.  May be its the energy that my guides put into my  bears.  I am not sure why  but I can tell difference of  each stuff  animal I hold.  I know the difference in  energy and what the purpose is. May be I just weird that way but I find it helps me be who I am  which is what matters the most to me.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Banish Set is My Miracle

The Banish Candle and oil  has  been added  to  my shop this month and I am  here to tell you a bit about it in  how it works.   The Banish candle  helps clears any negative thoughts, feelings that we have within our self.  It also helps  remove any hidden blockages we may have within our self too. Sometimes we don't realize that we are own worse enemy at things and when we use this candle it can help  us move forward  in life in the way we need to in order to feel positive within our self. If you have been  self sabotaging your own self, give this candle a try.