Monday, August 13, 2012

Manifest The Positive In Your Candle

 Ever wonder how you can  manifest the  positive  in your candle?   Whenever you are doing  any  kind of candle magic, its important that your mind is   clear  of negativity. This is the  first step  that you should  concentrate on. If you aren't having a  good day,  then wait a bit until you feel good and positive  to light the  candle.  It is so important  that we  feel good about   our own self because when we don't  feel  good about ourselves  then it can be more difficult in putting that positive energy out there for  what we are trying to manifest in our life.  The number 1 rule of thumb is to make sure you are in a good mood here and have a positive mind set before beginning  your work.  Just so you know, any  form of negative thinking or feeling can give the slightest chance for the spell candle to be less effective.  The  reason for this is because the person casting the spell does  not believe nor have faith in what they are trying to manifest. Have faith in your spell work.  Believe in your intention. If you are being realistic with your intentions, it shouldn't  be difficult to have that positive thinking and feeling going on within yourself.