Monday, July 1, 2013

Using Magical Spell Powders and Herb Incenses

If you have come  across my store lately,  you might have come across  incense  powders or  herb incenses.   I have been having fun  in  being really creative  with the  incenses and as I work  with them I actually love how it enhances my spell work with my candles. Spell  powders or herb incenses  give off a nice vibrational  energy in the air.   Normally, I   light my spell candle then I will take some charcoal put in a  cauldron then  add the incense on to the  charcoal.  Once I have both the incense and candle  burning that is when I usually say my prayers in what I want to manifest. this has actually worked  effectively very well.  The combination  has worked wonders for me and I have found that it has really given me  even more better results.  This is also how I have come up with the concept of  spell kits for my shop which I am excited to share with you soon as they slowly start coming to my store.