Monday, July 30, 2012

Pick a Color, Any Color!

Did you know that you can pick  a different  color for your custom spell candles that I  make?   It's true! Don't  be afraid to substitute a color that  resonates with you better.  It's an  easy  substitution that  has  no  extra charge  to it. When making candles, I tend to work with a color chart  like the one I  have here.  But does it mean I always coordinated  with the color in the chart?  Nope.   That is why I  am letting you know to pick a color,  any color that feels  right to you.  For  example,  my love  candle is made in  with a pretty pink color. I tend to  visualize  Pink for

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Under Construction

Hi Everyone,
  I thought  I let everyone know that I have been busy in  trying to  find a  unique blog template that works for me. It  took me some time to  actually find a  template I actually liked. I did  think the Teddy and Bunny one I had was  very cute but I wanted to go  with a more beautiful yet professional  looking one, so I am in  mist of  keeping this  new template of a notepad on here. I love  the elegance it has where it has a nice  blend  of  colors and it seems easy to read too.  Since I am new to  blogging  its going to take me some more time for me to study on up on it  and tweak it the way I  feel will work for me as well look presentable too.  It's be interesting in how I am learning the blog stuff but I do admit  that I starting to hang of it! This week I figured out  make my my own blog button, and thanks to my friend that made the cute little design! I just love it!!!

 Don't worry I haven't been slacking on the posts either.  I am  actually trying to have  multiple posts ready and lined up  so that you have  something to look forward for the week. My aim is to have at least 2-3 post  for the week.  So unless I get bogged down, this  blog  is going to be as active as it can be :)

 A few  things to note here:

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Mini Candle Sections at Etsy

 I am going to be opening a  Mini Spell Candle Section in my Etsy shop. One will say Mini Candle Sets and  one will say Mini Candles only.   The Mini Candle Candle Sets will have the recommended  oils that I feel works with the candles. The Mini Candles Only  will have no oil , so it will require you to select your own oil from the oil section or  perhaps you have your own oil you want  to use instead.

Basically, these  candles are  going to be the 4 inches tall and  I will give you two  candles of the same one. So for example if you order money  draw  candles , you will get two of them.  I also want to address  that  these candles are too small for stones  so I will only be  only putting the necessary oils and herbs in each candle.  You can still  give me your intentions for these candles or asked for a generalized one made for your needs. The choice is up to you. This is another alternative for everyone.

Now, here's the thing with mini candles. After testing them repeatedly,  I find these mini candles are great for little pick me ups.   I  feel they are good for mini spells so if you are needing just a  small dose of  energy for your spell work then this works wonders. However, I do not feel they will just be equivalent to my Original Spell Candles that are bigger.  Let  me provide  you an  example here,   Lets take that  black and white one in the picture. This candle will be my  mini  Transformation Candle.  If you light  two of  those mini transformation candles, it does not necessarily mean that  you will get the same effect of the  one Originial Transformation that I sell  online.   Th original candles are always going to have a better effect than  mini  candles simply because there is more energy to work with.

 I do  feel you can still get some effect with mini candles.  Another way  to do these  mini candles is to break them up in doses.  For example, let's say that you did do an original Transformation spell candle. Perhaps, it really was a bit too strong for you taste.  But yet you know that there is still more stuff that needs  to be released.  Well these mini ones are  great for little releases, especially if you already  done original Transformation candle first. Basically, the mini  candles will  keep that energy building for you but in small doses. Great follow up candles.  If you do not  burn the  original candles  listed first, you can  still use these. Just keep in mind, that  it will take a bit  longer to build that energy that you want to manifest with these small ones.   As with any  Candle magic, things take time to build and develop but once you get it down , its a lot of fun and you will  know to manifest the  positive  energy to work in your favor.   I am going try to put the mini candles up  starting  this week so check back to see if  your favorites are showing up! :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Are Organic Candles Better?

For many years, I have learned how to  perform  candle magic from various types of candles. These  range from spiritual ritual candles like the figure candles, Santeria Candles  and  even  the  Angel candle glass  candles.  While these candles gave  me a bit of results, it was actually making genuine  organic  beeswax  candles that  got me to  really love candle making. When  I finally took a spell candle class in using beeswax, my perspective in spell magic completely changed. Candle making has become an inspiration to me.

I love the  fact that I make candles completely natural.  When I say this, I mean everything from the  beeswax to the organic herbs, and pure essential oils are in each candle.  I pride myself to make good quality candles. This is why I also  emphasize  in making custom ordered candles for my customers. I want the candle to be  fresh and also be able to give that nice powerful lift when someone are doing their candle spells.  Even though it cost a bit more for my materials, I have  two   reasons for my madness in going organic.   The first one

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebrating 100 FaceBook Likes Giveaway

Thank you everyone for being a fan of  my Facebook Page!  My  store has opened  for nearly 3 months now and I do  feel I am doing well.  However, I couldn't have made it without the dedication of  my fans helping me promote me on FB So as a Thank you , I have  decided to do my first give away on here.  :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Get Rid of Hiccups

Last night, I had  the hiccups really bad out of no where.  Being that it was  1:00am, the only  remedy I knew that  usually works for me to to swallow  a spoon full of sugar.  Now, I am thinking   of Mary Poppins lol.  I'm   love that song by the way.  Anyways,  I didn't want to have some sugar this late of the night.  So I finally  decided to Google  on  hiccups and I found this article  on  Squidoo. Basically, right after the  hiccup, I  need  to exhale and inhale where I am holding my breath. Then  swallow that air  slowly.   I must admit when I read the article, I  thought it was  too simple  for it to work.  The result  ended being it actually  worked.  The first two times  I did this technique it wasn't going away  but that was because I was laughing at  the concept while I  was doing it. But  I must admit when I took it seriously,  it started to  slowing  go away.  I will say it took me 3  attempts to get this  down... but it was gone.   This is technique really amazed me.  Now, I  can remember to this the next time  have  hiccups. I just thought I share this   link with you because it worked for me. And Yes, I stole the little bear picture, he was so cute I just had to have him, I love cute bears :)   So tell me, what other techniques have  you tried to get rid of hiccups? has it worked for you?  How often do you get hiccups?  Here's the link for the technique: How To get Rid of Your Hiccups

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Buttermilk Pie

 My  first  attempt at  making  buttermilk  pie  for the family bbq.  It wasn't completely   flawless when I tried the  test  pie the night before because the bottom of the crust was  not  cooked all the way.  I  found out that   it was probably due to the cookie  sheet  I used. I was thinking it be eaiser to  take the pie out with a cookie sheet than  just directly out  of the oven.  Well my dad  told me  if the first pie  was having  problems its possible that  the cookie sheet was  blocking  the heat from going directly to the bottom of the pie.  It's probably why the  crust was not  fully cooked the first time.

So on a last minute attempt because both pies were  half way done, I  took out the pies  then I placed them back in  the oven on the rack.  I think I  was a bit nervous here because I  was not sure if  the  pies would be fully cooked.  My dad was  joking to me about how I always rely on the Universe to make my  desserts taste  good lol!!! Actually, its true because I was always  think of the  last minute things to create for the first time to family events.  I ended  up cooking the  pies  for an extra 30 minutes in oven compared to  what the  recipe stated, the buttermilk looked was already golden brown so I took it out. I  did pray over the  pies asking the universe to make it  delicious lol.  Mean while my mom's spirit was laughing and teasing me again  and I told my mom "Come on Mom, you're up there now so please make my  pie delicious!" ;)

The end result... a  perfect pie, crust came out beautifully the balance of cream fruit and custard  just worked.  Fresh heavy cream was the way to go. I dont like super sweet desserts so this really worked and my entire family loved it.  And you know what was super cute? A 10 year old girl at the party was  staring and waiting so  patiently for my pie.  My aunt gave her the first slice too. She was super happy, said it was delicious!  Heck she waited  to eat a slice before she  went up stairs to take a bath. Too bad  she fell asleep in the bath tub lol. Someone  had to wake her  up ;)

  Did  you think I leave without  giving  you the recipe?  Nah, wouldnt do that to you guys so here is the link for it. The only thing  I  changed was instead  of  1 cup of sugar  I did  3/4 cup of sugar otherwise it worked out great! The Universe  helped me again, so thank you  Spirit and my  mom up there to help me make such an awesome dessert!

Here's the recipe link: Buttermilk pie
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anime Expo 2012

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This  one has nothing to do with my  creations but I just thought I share some  photos  on FB  for  my  Anime  Expo. It was  great  even though i went  completely by myself I did  enjoy it.  I think for the first time I actually took the  time to  take  cos-players and they really put  effort into their  costumes.  Some characters were  really weird  but i found them interesting  enough to take them. So if you haven't  visit my facebook  page, check it out as i will have an  album  of the shots I took of them... Tell me what you think of their  costumes.

Otherwise, I  went on Sunday and  got to see  a concert. I  That was pretty good, i guess I was  waiting for the Fate Zero  Opening song.  She sounded  better than  the original song too...too bad that  I didn't know the other songs she was singing at the concert.

I also debated on either anime  music video contest or the Naruto Shippuden Live action so of course I went with the Live action Film... needless to say it was well worth the wait and  definitely something I  wish  people took the to do the work. Great  fight scenes all the way around but then they are looking for donations to continue the work which i understand since its  very costly in what they are they are trying to bring into the film.

My only complaint would be the fact i missed the voice actor i wanted to see from fate zero  Sadly, his panel  was  on  Saturday but nevertheless the two events I mainly went to were worth it.  Anyways,  I thought I show you a few pics here  and of course there is a whole album of face  book for you to enjoy, but here are a  couple of my favorites...  Anyone else  an  anime fan? And if anyone  is looking to get into anime  I  definitely  recommend Fate Zero which finished recently, a total of only 25   episodes but its definitely one of the best anime I have  seen to date!