Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

 Each year for Thanksgiving, I need to drive up to my dad's house as my Uncle David  always seems to  throw a Thanksgiving  party at his house. I always arrive the  night  to prepare things  for Thanksgiving day.  Of course,  these last two years,  I have  learned to make the  turkey.  Usually , my mom  does the  turkey but  since mom passed away  last year, I have  taken over  learning how to do it myself.  Now I must  admit,  last year  it was  an experimentation  turkey but I managed to make it just right.  I was a bit nervous doing  the first one but who wouldn't be right?  My dad told me last year "  If mom was  here, she would have  not let you bring an experiment turkey."  So yes, that might be true as my mom likes to make sure her dishes are  perfect  but for me,   I am different I  just flow  with my  cooking and make  them!  My  dad  finds it  entertaining that I am  brave enough to bring  experimenting dishes to parties.  Honesty, I just cook out of love and I seem to have this way  of praying to spirit and asking them to help me make  something delicious. Dad laughs at how I pray to  the universe for my cooking but then I tell him it works! It comes out  pretty tasty and  pretty much close to the recipe the first time.  I might have a  to tweak something  later but I  pretty much  figure it all out by the 2nd or 3rd time I do a  recipe  whether its  cooking or baking.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Think Positive Collection

Another Treasury collection  and I love the  title Think Positive.  When it comes to the  collection,  I love the  rainbow chakra bracelet listed.  It was  one of the  items that  caught my attention a while back and I also have it marked as one of my favorites . Her bracelets actually  look wonderful that I could  wear them on a daily basis.  I did  try  Chakra  bracelets  before  in the  past and they do work.  It really does shift the energy somehow  even  though I am not completely   familiar with the process  of  how it works.

 This time the  my Mini Money Drawing Candle made it into this  treasury. I love many candles,  normally  I light money candles  all the time. I normally do the regular  Money Draw candle and sometimes I will make these mini ones to give it  little  burst to  keep the energy going!   Just make  sure that you  visualize how you will be  receiving  your  money.  The key is to believe what you are casting  and say it with a strong intention. The more  you  believe in your work and allow the universe do its its magic, the more you are  going to what results  you can  produce through your  own personal power from   any of these candles  in  my shop.

Check out the collection , and let me know what you think, if you have  any  thoughts  on it let me know  ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Early Bird Black Friday Sale! 25% Off

Hi Everyone!
  First,  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that is celebrating it!  I will definitely  be up there but while I am with my  family,  my Etsy store will remain open. This year  you will get to take  25% off at my store at Etsy! The  25%  off is good  for  anything  in the store!  To sweeten the  deal even more spend a total of $50 or more  in items ( not adding in the  shipping cost) and  you will receive a $20 Gift Certificate  to my Etsy store  for  your next  purchase! One Gift Certificate per  customer!   Make sure you enter Coupon  Code: BLACKFRIDAY2012 to  get your discount.   This Deal is Good Wednesday through Monday (11/21-11/26).  Sale Ends Monday 11/26 at 12am  PST.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Making Herbal Incenses

Last Month, I look a class  on making  homemade herb incenses. I must say that I actually enjoyed it. I love going to classes that are very focused  on doing anything   hands on!  It was great to experience and I love how the feel of the energy which is why I have  decided to make them  for my shop.  One of the things I learned about herbs  is that its all about the experience itself to help me decide  which  herbs works best for me.   I  tend  to always go back to the spiritual store  and take the  opportunity to smell each herb that are in those  jars before I make my purchase. I have learned the smell of the herbs can really give me the feeling  of  whether it will work with my energy.  So any time I want  to try a new herb I take the time smell the scent to see if it flows with me before I make a purchase.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are You Passionate Enough?

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This time I am  featured  in a  cute treasury!  Actually ,  I am part of the Kawaii Pop team and I am always amazed  how many cute items they have   on their team.  The reason I  joined their team  is because of the fact I pretty much like anything that is cute and there seems to be a  good amount of  people  that  like anime too so its even a bigger plus because I just love  anime.   Of the  collection  here,   I actually like the bunny  earrings , very cute.  I would buy those to  give to a little girl for her  birthday!   :)   For a more  closer view of the  shop owners in this  treasury : Super Kawaii Pop

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winner of the $10 gift card is....

The Winner  of  the $10  Gift Card  goes to  Chantal Arceo!  Congratulations,   your  gift card has been  emailed  to you.  Check your inbox for  further  details.  I  am  actually   in the mist of   making another   gift card  coming  up this month  will have  it  up pretty  soon,  check  back for  further  details . In the mean time if you missed this gift card  please  know that you can  visit the  following   links  for   my other  gift cards  that you  can have a shot at this  month. Check out the  following   links right here.   On Facebook  visit  Out of the Box Sampler click through the app and you should see the gift certificate... All you need to do is make sure you like my FB page and  you will be entered to win :)   I am also on two blogs for these  gift certificates: Created By Laurie and   Violet Imperfection Good luck to all those that enter.  :)   

Thursday, November 8, 2012

EZ Craft Show Deals

Wow Nov 8th is here  already!  I cant believe  it , before you know it, Christmas will be around the  corner. Seriously, time flies  fast as we are heading towards  the end of the year.    This year is my  first year at the EZ Craft Show   so I  thought I give this a try and see where  it takes me. The EZ Craft  Show is an  online craft show  full of  different  vendors online  that you can shop around for the holidays rather  than  going to a craft fair directly. Yup you get to shop at the  convenience  of your own home ( save yourself gas and time).there are over 250  vendors there for you to browse including  my store.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Darkest Moon Collection

I landed  on the Darkest Moon collection treasury,  and I love the collection that's shown.   My transformation candle has been one  of the  most  popular  candles that have landed  in treasuries,  and its  definitely one of my toughest candles I have  made but  gives great results  when   burning  it.    The one thing about this candle is that it really helps clear up whatever is  bothering deep within your soul.  You will  feel the lift  immediately.  Sometimes, you might get moody from  burning   it but that just shows that  its in the process of working.  If you are in  a mood, its  great too as  it can  help  you relax and  release what it is that