Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Support Handmade this Holiday!

Another Treasury to check out right here, just in time for the holidays too.  the Cozy Winter Collection is  featuring my Build Your Own  Spell Box.   This spell box gives  you a  chance to select two  spell  Full spell candles of  your choice, 1 pair of mini  candles and  then it comes with a healing spray as well as  4 oz of Love bath salts. The candles all  come with the matching  oils too.  Instructions are included for the spell candles... It's all wrapped up   reading  for the holidays  so  check it out  if you  to bring  some magic  into your life for the holidays. :)  Christmas  magic  would be totally awesome too. So check it out at my shop on Etsy. In the  meantime  enjoy the treasury, I just love how  I get featured but I  love it more to see all the  unique  things that people find  which I would have never have  discovered  without them making these lovely  treasuries.