Tuesday, August 28, 2012

God Story #2

For this weeks God Story , it actually involves with my current  dentist.  Since last year my dentist  told me that  I needed to  redo my  bridge  on the right side of mouth because it was cracked and there was  no way to  repair  it except to   give me a   brand new one.  A few years back I had paid for this bridge that he did out of my own  pocket  and I paid full price for it  because  I  did not have dental insurance back then.   Well it was time to do the bridge again, which I thought it was unreal and  now that I have dental insurance, it still did not cover the cost of my bridge.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Angel Card- New Beginnings For Your Life

 Hi  Everyone,
           It's time for  an Angel card today. Christopher this weekend wanted to do cards and he was pretty much  bugging me until I pulled out the deck of cards he wanted to work with. He  said that he had a message for  people today.  I don't know how often I will do the cards but  whenever  Chris is ready to  say I want to do cards I am sure we will pick a  card to share on here.  So Our card  today is New Beginnings which comes from  The Healing With the Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Monday, August 20, 2012

God Story of the Week

I thought  this week I saw two God stories with you. What is a God story?   A God story is when we focus  on something positive  that has happened for the week.   Many times, we  focus on so much negative  that we don't  see the positive that happens to us.  So to  counter act  the negativity I have trained myself to see   the positive things that happen to me each week.  At the end of each week, I make a habit to see the positive  stuff that I have done or the way the universe has helped me. It actually keeps me happy and positive each and every day to think about what the Universe has done to help me each week.  So here are my  stories  for the week :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Facebook Coupon Code

Thank you  for  your support of my shop and the creations that I have created.  As a  a thank you I created a  coupon code of  10% off in my shop at Joie Joelle Creations .  My Face book page has  reached  over 200  likes  so as a thank you I am  giving out a coupon code : FB200   It can be used for anything in the store.  The coupon expires Sept 1 2012. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Giveaway- A Pair of Money Draw Candles

It's that time to do another giveaway on my  blog!  What better than to give away a  pair of Money draw candles.  After all,   its that time to save up and   get ready for the fall season  soon.  Whether you are   trying to  save up after taking your vacation time or   need that extra cash going  back to school  or maybe its just needing a bit more cash... either way  manifesting   money candles  is the way to go.

 You will receive a pair of money drawing candles that are approx 4 inches in  length. The candles are  fully dressed to manifest  money coming in your  life , so just visualize this intention.  Results will  vary  depending on  how the person uses the candle.

You will also receive a  10%  off   coupon to my  Joie Joelle Creations  shop on Etsy

Contest is for US Residents  only.  Please  keep in mind to  enter fairly. Any invalid  entries  will be deleted before a winner is picked.   This contest will last until August 31st, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Manifest The Positive In Your Candle

 Ever wonder how you can  manifest the  positive  in your candle?   Whenever you are doing  any  kind of candle magic, its important that your mind is   clear  of negativity. This is the  first step  that you should  concentrate on. If you aren't having a  good day,  then wait a bit until you feel good and positive  to light the  candle.  It is so important  that we  feel good about   our own self because when we don't  feel  good about ourselves  then it can be more difficult in putting that positive energy out there for  what we are trying to manifest in our life.  The number 1 rule of thumb is to make sure you are in a good mood here and have a positive mind set before beginning  your work.  Just so you know, any  form of negative thinking or feeling can give the slightest chance for the spell candle to be less effective.  The  reason for this is because the person casting the spell does  not believe nor have faith in what they are trying to manifest. Have faith in your spell work.  Believe in your intention. If you are being realistic with your intentions, it shouldn't  be difficult to have that positive thinking and feeling going on within yourself.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Making Sample Candles For Sampler Boxes

Happy Monday  Everyone!  So all last week, I was busy with  family visiting me.  My cousin Jon and girlfriend Lani  came to spend time with me for 3 days.   My  dad also came to visit me  Saturday as well, so I spent some time to do some outlet shopping with him and had a nice  dinner  at Black Angus.  Love those  coupons  they sent out... so worth it!

Anyways,   With all that going on I was still able to get some  work done.  Since July, I started  doing  Love Thyself  Sample   candles for Out of the Box Sampler.  It took me a while to  figure out how  I was going to package the stuff and  get some sort of rhythm in making a total of 100 samples for them.  Gosh I  am glad that I even finished early  on that because I didn't know exactly how long it would have taken me to push out 100 samples... whew! I did it and I finally scheduled the USPS to pick up my candles on Saturday! :)   I will be in their  September Box  and since they were doing a Pink  box  for in  support of breast cancer awareness I decided to  distribute  Pink candles to match their theme.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Giveaway from Raie's Melting Pot

Hi Everyone! Happy August! Wow time flies doesn't it? Well this month I have decided to  sponsor  Rainy's  Melting Pot on Face Book with a give away.  The Give away just started  so  the entire  contest lasts until the entire  month. You have  plenty of time  to enter this give away  among  other   giveaways on there. I thought it would be more  fun partnering with someone.