Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Candle Magic Tip #1 Cleanse Your Space

 Time  for a new tip on Candle magic.  Usually I would tell you to  burn the candles the way that  you  want to when you purchase at my store but I  started to realize I need to be a bit more clear  with my directions. Just because  I know how to cast it doesn't doesn't mean everyone does.  We can always  light the candle  and  perform  our magic any time.  Just be sure you pay attention in terms  what to light first.  So my first tip today is:  Cleanse your space. That is right! Cleansing should be one of the things you should do more with your home. Whether  you are  lighting the sage and  blowing around the home  or  even  lighting my cleansing candles ( heck do both for greater effect)  you can really get more positive energy flowing into your own own space.