Friday, February 22, 2013

Feburary Valentine Sampler box

Sampler boxes are so much fun to get! I always  get a regular sampler box for turning in 100 samples from Out of the box Sampler but part of the reason I do  the 100 samples  is because I actually like to see what is out there that other people make. I also like to see what other packaging  ideas there are that people do. Regardless,  I enjoy   all the samples I get every time.  For this month Out of the box Sampler decided  to use a tote bag  for their bodacious  sampler box which I thought was really neat!  Their bigger box is awesome  because   you are guarantee to get every sampler from everyone that is donating for the month.  I tend to  buy the biggest box for myself and have Michelle mail out my free regular sampler  box to a friend   just to brighten  up some one's day. I like putting a smile on people's faces :)