Monday, March 25, 2013

New Design, New Catch Phrase!

This  weekend  I worked on  cleaning up the blog a bit. As much as I like the notebook template  for some reason I just  felt that I needed a fresh  look here and I do hope you like the new template I have going on in my blog. I am the type that likes pastel looking colors and I  actually love flowers too and the color pink hence I  decided to  go with this three  column  blog template.  I moved a  bit of things around on there but I actually felt it was more brighter and cleaner and a bit more organized. It seems easier to work with too. The template did take out my Facebook comments section but I also felt that facebook comment thing was giving  it an issue and it wasn't as active so  I am not adding it it back on . However,with the new look I think this has a better flower to it and I love the gal on there, this would be  represent me in a way which is why I picked this layout. I know its a bit girlie but I am the girlie type as well since I pretty much a kid at heart and likes all sorts of cute stuff especially stuff animals. :)