Monday, April 15, 2013

Candle Magic Tip #3 Burn Negative To Positive for Best Results!

This week's Candle Magic Tip has to do with burning negative candles  first then  positive candles after.   What I mean by this is negative candles are usually candles that we are using  to either  transform ourselves or trying to get rid of the negative energy or the  blocks in our lives.   Since I do a lot of magic candles at my shop I will use my candles as  examples in this post.

Negative  candles in my shop would be pretty much the black ones I have such as banish and transformation candles. You can also use the white candles  such as Cleansing and Protection  to remove negative energies as well .  So if  you have purchase any of the following candles, I recommend you burn those candles first. Usually, its because we are  getting  rid  of the bad that no longer serves us so that we can be open to absorbing the more  positive energy whether it be for love,  love thyself,  money candles etc...   Now a  good reminder is don't get all candle happy. By that I mean give it a bit of time for the energy  to set in from the first candle,  perhaps a few days or couple of weeks. Black candles like mine can really give a big shift and it can be  very much doing its magic along the way. In this case you want to wait a bit before  you  burn your first positive candle.  It helps give that  balance in your life if you do it this way.