Monday, January 14, 2013

New Addition The Shop- Success Candle and Success Oil

The  newest addition to my shop  is my Success candle and the Success oil.  Both  I love very much and here  is how this candle works.  This  is what I call my manifestation candle, a candle that will manifest those dreams,  wishes  or goals that you have been  longing to  achieve.  You can pretty  much  ask  for anything that you want in your life. All you have to do is envision what you want. Need a successful love life,  ask for it with this candle.  Are you trying to achieve a dream of yours? Ask for it!   Starting a business?  Need  to find inspiration or get more ideas for  your  business?  Ask for it in this candle... :)   Weight Loss works too... Envision  yourself to lose the weight... I would  ask for this candle to give me ideas or inspirations to help me achieve that weight loss.    Basically if you are feeling stuck and need a way to be open to new ideas  or  inspirations this candle can give you that push to help you along the way.   So try it out!  you just may get new  ideas out of the blue to help you  achieve the results  you are looking for!