Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mom, I love you!

Time really  flies fast,  it just seems that  my mom just passed away  just a few months  but  as of today, it will be one year  since my mom  has left  the earth plane.   While you are reading this today, I will be up visiting her  with my father.  My mom passed away  from breast cancer. She has battled the repeating cancer  for  10 years and it  was so hard on her.  While she is at peace, I can't  imagine   how  much   this has changed me as  the person I am today. Last year, when she passed it was hard.  In fact being psychic for me comes with a price.    If there is one thing that is harder on me it is when  I am able see and feel  a member of my family ready to go to  Heaven.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Health Candle

 It took me some time to  actually invent the Good Health candle  I have up for sale.   The  inspiration comes  from  how  I have  lost weight. I have nearly lost  60 pounds now and   have actually kept it off! But of course I still want to  lose more weight and keep going   on strong. Then this  actually gave me the idea to make the Good Health candle. The  main concept of this candle is to start with the getting the self motivation you need to having a healthier  lifestyle. Without the motivation from your own self, it can be a challenge to change what you need to change  in order to  succeed. This is why  red wax is the first layer.  Without  motivation and strength within yourself it can be quite

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making Magical Spell Candles

Creating spell candles  has been a passion of mine  for long time. I love how it gives us the positive lift when we burn these candles that I sell. It is what I aim for every time I do my candles. Of course to be clear here, I don't slap my candles together right then and there.  A lot of time and energy goes  into each candle I  make for each person. But  before we get to how I make my candles, Let's first introduce  the master behind my work, my healing guide Jason :)  Jason is my master healer guide and while he is quite  shy most of the time what I  love about Jason is   he is super sweet, gentle and  he has  a lot of wisdom  to share about the herbs  oils and stones . He guides me through my process of each candle that I make.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

$10 Gift Certificate Giveaway at Etsy Store

 Have you been  curious about my store and  wanted to try something for your own self? Well look no further, because  you can  get the chance to  browse and  shop at my store with this $10 gift card.  It is good for anything  in the store so have  fun and get a bit of a discount for yourself. This  certificate is good for my Etsy store.   I just started designing  gift certificates, so  if you are interested in  purchasing up for the  holidays please check out  my Etsy store Joie Joelle Creations  for  further details. Ahhh yes the little angel would be my St.Christopher welcoming you to my little shop! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christmas Gifts for the Holiday Season

So all last week, I was busy creating the items  I wanted to  put out for my Etsy store.  The idea  came to me to do a mix and match theme and  I kept the  colors Christmas themed as well.  It sure took  some time, because I really has to get  everything ready and make it look professional as much as I could.  As you can see  I used the labels for these candles and all my  candles will be glittered  for the holidays so its going to look very beautiful when you are  giving them out  for the  holidays:So here  are the items that  I will be having  out  for the store on Etsy:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Landing in Another Treasury in October

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 This week I have been very busy with trying to get all my crafts done to  get ready to shoot my  pictures for the upcoming  Christmas  gifts I will be having for my Etsy store.  It has been rather hectic because I am doing so much that sometimes the day goes by so fast.   However, that  doesn't mean I can't take  from creating and  go into writing on my blog.  My plan was  to write this weekend  but  the weekend  is almost here  so I  might as  well   get a head start on things. :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creating Christmas Labels

When I first started my shop,  I had friend that  created my  original Joie Joelle  labels.  They turned out   gorgeous and  I really loved how  she did my labels.  Unfortunately, she got more busy and  I  had to find a way  to make them myself. Well, thanks to my cousin Jon , he  suggested  me to learn pPhotoshop!  Last month,  I went up to see him so I could learn a few lessons.  When I first started learning everything, it did feel overwhelming.  I had to actually call my cousin a few times  when I felt stuck.  Thank goodness he was there to teach me even more.  After constantly practicing  the labels, my first  batch was  ok.  However, I didn't like the patterns as much and started  looking for different  ones.   Hence after all the learning patterns , fonts and brushes I am getting the hang of all of this stuff and I am so impressed  with what I have done for myself.  I feel each time I  learn something  new and  I am able to  improve it , that I feel more accomplished for what I can learn on my own. So here are the labels  coming out, below you will see the candle labels I created for this holiday season  :)  It's nice to  make a  change and get in the spirit of the holidays.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Featured in October Treasury on Etsy

I'm  Excited to see that I got  featured in someone's Treasury for this month in October! It's inspiring to see my worked get displayed here and I believe its my  third landing on the  treasury page.   I love  it! The theme of this Treasure was Halloween Fun so  its about  getting ready for Halloween.  I also enjoy seeing other  creative artists being  features well.  Lovely  treasury Charlene  put together. Check out her shop on Etsy at JewelrybyChar

Meet Tigger and Yuna

It's time to meet my two adorable cats Tigger and Yuna.   When I   went to  animal shelter  a few years ago my mom, my brother  and I saw  these two together in the same cage. Actually, it was my brother's idea to not separate them as he  thought that it was so cute to find a matching a set of cats.  In fact, it was my brother who also said if we got  both of these cats together then they would keep each other  company. I thought it was sweet how my brother was thoughtful  about keeping them together  like a family. When it came down to paying  for the  two cats, me and my brother decided  to split the bill. I actually paid for Yuna and  my brother  paid for Tigger. Oh yes, there is one more unique thing  you should know about both of my cats, they each have an extra toe on their front paws :Yup, that means they have  6 toes each on the front paws. When  you look closely their front paws  are shaped like  little mittens.  It makes them even more cute because  we didnt know that they had extra toes until they both came home to us. It just makes them the perfect pair together. :)