Friday, February 15, 2013

Did You Have A Valentine?

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Valentine's Day  is usually a day that you spend with your loved one.  Of course, that  isn't the  case for everyone  as  there are people that are  single too.  This Valentines I have celebrated on my own as well.  Single life is fun for me, I have never felt that I needed a  husband or a boyfriend.  Would I like to have one? Sure  of course, but I realized  its a bonus to have to have someone  in my life and not a necessity.  If  there is one thing  life  has  taught me  when it comes to being single,  I have learned to  love myself even more.  Heck, why have the Valentine blues when  in all honesty, what  makes me  happy is being my own best friend. I love Valentine's for the reason that I can share the love to my friends and  family.  Usually for Valentine's I  do home made treats and give  them out to everyone that I love very much.  I actually love to bake and when I make things for people I  find myself putting a lot love and effort into things. But this year I have been more  busy so I haven't able to  make my home made treats like I usually do for my family and friends. But that doesn't stop me from  being  giving  to the people I love most! :)