Friday, December 21, 2012

December's Top Handcrafted Sponsor

 Well let me say its been a  pleasure doing samples for  sampler  companies this year.  I  have been excited to throw out a few of my samples each time to  allow people  to see and  try  my products.   .  This month is  extra special though.  For December, I have  been selected to be the Top Handmade Sponsor for My Dream Sampler box.  Holly Miller, the owner  emailed me to let me know I was selected and I was so thrilled.  It  has been a pleasure to work with her because she really does go the extra mile to promote sponsor shops across all the social media she has on her. So if you are looking for  a good place to  donate   some samples I suggest  My Dream Sample Box.   I have had a  very positive experience working  with her and  the results have been great for the previous months I have been  donating back then. I also have written an article on me and my  work, so you can read it here if you like to read more about  who I am and how I do my work.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Success Collection

Oh yes I absolutely love this  Treasury I landed  on this month. Just look at the title itself!  Yay for the Success Collection. I cant believe how creative  people are being  in making their  items. And the treasury is totally inspiring for me.   My Mini  Money Success candles  landed  in the treasury as you can see here  but I like the  jewelry there, I think my favorite  on there  is the brown  necklace on the bottom right hand corner. I love seeing treasuries  on Etsy, you just may never  know what you find until you look at these types  of collections. Pretty  neat! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas decorations

This year I actually got up my Christmas stuff on time so I thought I show you what I bring out each year. I will say part of the reason I get pushed  to decorate my  place slightly  is because of St.Christopher. He loves Christmas, its his favorite  holiday of the year. Not to mention that  I can see his spirit, and every time the holidays come he seems to  pop out his Santa Suit... well he is adorable as always  if he was  physically alive I probably  hug him all the time :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Giveaway

OK  it's that time   of the month to do a giveaway! So for this month  I have decided to do  Gift Certificates one again  to my Etsy store.  So  this time we will have  two  winners  for this give away.  the  first  place will recieve $20   and the second  place  winner will get $10 to my Etsyy store...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Trust the USPS

This weekend  provided  me  some laughter  from the USPS.  If you are  planning  to ship any gifts to  your loved ones  this year, please  consider insuring your boxes. While my Etsy  shop has  open for only a half year,  I have  run across   a lot  of things the  USPS  has  done and it doesn't matter what service  you are choosing whether its media mail, first class rate, or priority mail, some how  something happens to my packages  sooner or later.   Hence, I have  learned  that no matter what the price  of the item is, I  need to  have it fully covered just in case. I know that  shipping cost can be high with insurance  but  for just a bit more  it provides a  added protection that is needed.  If you  are running a shop or planning   to mail stuff  to your  love  ones this holiday please spend that extra money to get insurance, you will fill better knowing that   you are covered.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Support Handmade this Holiday!

Another Treasury to check out right here, just in time for the holidays too.  the Cozy Winter Collection is  featuring my Build Your Own  Spell Box.   This spell box gives  you a  chance to select two  spell  Full spell candles of  your choice, 1 pair of mini  candles and  then it comes with a healing spray as well as  4 oz of Love bath salts. The candles all  come with the matching  oils too.  Instructions are included for the spell candles... It's all wrapped up   reading  for the holidays  so  check it out  if you  to bring  some magic  into your life for the holidays. :)  Christmas  magic  would be totally awesome too. So check it out at my shop on Etsy. In the  meantime  enjoy the treasury, I just love how  I get featured but I  love it more to see all the  unique  things that people find  which I would have never have  discovered  without them making these lovely  treasuries.