Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moving to PsychicJoelle.com on Wordpress


Hi Everyone!
  I know the blog has been really quiet  but that's because I have finally decided to revamp my PsychicJoelle.com site. Part of me  changing  is because blogger was  giving me a lot of  problems  that I just  couldn't  bother with it any more.  I  can't seem to figure out  why  blogger would log me into a different account all the time and when I needed to log into my psychicjoelle account, it was  keeping me the account settings all the time. Imagine  me having to  manually  go to blogger like this every time I wanted to write a post.  Not to mention, sometimes all my work was not being saved! Errors would pop up  and my entire article would disappear, which discourages me from  continuing to write and  connect with my  fellow  fans here...