Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moving to PsychicJoelle.com on Wordpress


Hi Everyone!
  I know the blog has been really quiet  but that's because I have finally decided to revamp my PsychicJoelle.com site. Part of me  changing  is because blogger was  giving me a lot of  problems  that I just  couldn't  bother with it any more.  I  can't seem to figure out  why  blogger would log me into a different account all the time and when I needed to log into my psychicjoelle account, it was  keeping me the account settings all the time. Imagine  me having to  manually  go to blogger like this every time I wanted to write a post.  Not to mention, sometimes all my work was not being saved! Errors would pop up  and my entire article would disappear, which discourages me from  continuing to write and  connect with my  fellow  fans here...

To combat this, I have moved to my wordpress site, my original domain is psychicjoelle.com While I thought it wasnt necessary to do this, I realized my  friend was right lol! I should have ran everything on the wordpress site  to begin with!  back then I thought blogger was easier to manage. I even tried to update a new theme  this month on blogger and when it wouldn't even let me do something that simple, I decided to finally  make this transition. I think I had enough of the glitches on here plus my  life is already busy taking care of  everything by myself. Seriously I do everything  from   psychic readings , blogging,  newsletters,  shop items,  etsy, twitter, facebook etc...  there is no one else but me to all of this, which is why I just need to make  things simpler for me LOL. It's like a total whirlwind when i am trying to do everything by myself so what I have learned is condensing everything is the key to  running  my business more smoothly. This is why I am doing this too, It will so much easier to have everything on  one website than how I have been doing it with two separate sites. I should have listened to my  friend back then lol,  maybe I just wasn't ready to adapt to Wordpress back then but now I  am :)

  I pretty excited about the change as I am adjusting things on that site.  I do hope you  like the new look I have created. Everything has been done  by me and I have worked hard the last 3 weekends to have this edited. I wanted  to have a clean , elegant and  professional look to my site and with how things are now I couldn't be more excited to share my  brand new website with everyone.

So here is what you can  find on my new site: first change is my psychic readings. While you can still order them through storenvy and etsy,  now you can actually order directly there from my site. For all live chat readings, I have set up a chat box for us to  talk. When you have placed your  reading  for live chat, simply  request an appointment with me and once we confirm things, I can log right in and take your call right there directly on the site.

As far as my shop, looks like right now I am doing the Etsy mini which will take you directly  to my Etsy shop when you click on it.  As far as Storenvy, that is another issue  I am having,  there doesnt seem to be widget or  program to  add my Storenvy site,  so until I find something to work with that site, I am just going to leave it out until something  is fitting. As always, sales are  on Storenvy, so if you are part of my newsletter, you will always get notifications of sales and discount codes.  Speaking of Storenvy,  I will be revamping that site...  so it will finally look similar to Etsy site since they finally  have variation pricing on there I can finally run it a lot smoother. It will probably take me a few weeks to edit and  change a lot of things  over there, I done  some of it already but there is still a lot of work I need to do there, so please be patient and I will let you know when things are set and completed.

Also new is a mini bookstore for you browse  when it comes to books.  I am also going to start reviewing a few products on my blog  to help you  decide if a product is  best for you .  Mainly spiritual items but there are going to  some essential things I  get from Amazon that I will  share with you , in case you are debating whether its a  good product. I hoping this will help give you more knowledge with more things  to come as I do this.  Please remember starting June, I will be posting on PsychicJoelle.com

As far as  this blogger site,  I have  set it up to  redirect you to  my wordpress site. So don't worry any previous post  you  click on here will  redirect you to my website. In the  mean time, I  appreciate all your support  you have given me throughout the years.  I ask you to kindly bookmark my webpage if you like to keep up with the latest updates as  I will continue  to write like  I always do at Psychicjoelle.com 

Love and blessings,

PS:  Now its no longer redirecting  my posts! It was working last night and now I see it stopped...... see this why I need move...  please don't worry if you found any of my post useful and want to go back to reference things, it is all transferred over to my website! just use the  hyper links, I am running  into more problems as you can see blogger had a mind of its own today and even updated the new theme  today some how lol.



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