Monday, May 20, 2013

Candle Magic Tip 4: Add Different Oils To Your Candle Magic

Did you know that you could get creative with your oils?  Sometimes  It's not about using the recommending oil listed  but to go  with what feels right to you.  I often have combined the  oils on the outside  of the  candle to give it a bigger boost to manifest things  a bit faster for myself.

Here are a few ideas:

For Love candles  try a combination of my love and Romance oil,  it gives such a nice lift of energy... really helps give the positive feeling.   If you're in a relationship and you are having a hard time resolving your issues  with your partner try combining some love oil and healing oil on the outside of the candle. This will help  release those blockages to help you connect  better  with each other.  I have to say the Romance oil is a more intense oil to use for  the toughest situations. This oil takes me 2 months for me to make but its all worth it. If you really need to bring that  loving feeling back try the Romance oil with these love candles.