Thursday, April 30, 2015

Using Love and Healing Candles Effectively

Here's a popular  question I get all the time:  Is there a way to fix  my relationship, or bring  him/ her closer?  What seems to be recommended  by me a lot is two two sets of candles.  Many  of  my  customers have found the combination  of a Freedom candle and Love and healing candle works  best to  create  results  needed for them to find happiness in their own life. So how  does this combo work?

Freedom candles help  healing our own  issues within our own self.  Sometimes a relationship is not about just your partners fault. You have to be open minded enough accept your  own issues can be a  cause for your relationship to go south. Accepting your own flaws, loving your own self and forgiving yourself  is  a key element when  it  comes  to manifesting  anything you want  in life.  For example,   even if you say he/she is the reason  for the causing the riff in your  relationship with him/her,   a freedom candle can  also help you release and heal your own self. Do you have fears and anger towards a previous  relationship, do you not  trust you can have a great relationship?? Basically  this candle will release your limiting  beliefs deep with your own soul, so you can  be open to love again.

After you light  the  freedom candle, try  waiting  between  2-4 weeks.   Learn   to be patient  when it comes to casting your own spells,  see how  how the magic effects you.  Part of  the trick to  casting  your own magic spells is to learn to feel your energy when casting spells, and practice intuitively to know when to cast the next candle. The more you practice the more you will  know when its the right time to do cast your spells.

Hence when it comes  to love and healing candles, light these candles when  you feel its time to do so for yourself. As recommended most customers have felt waiting between  2-4 weeks has helped giving  it time for  the  freedom candle to set in  so when the love and healing candle is burning to creates a nice balance of energy where it introduces a  more positive energy of accepting ones love and  being open  to love to come your way be it with him/her or someone better.

Why someone better? Because what if  you could find someone better?  Isn't the  idea  to find your own happiness? It may  not be with the person you are requesting  to fix things with either. Sometimes people move on and  find an awesome relationship that is way better than the previous one there were in.  In many cases, I have discovered  most of clients  who have broken up with their ex's have  used  this combo to try to get  back together,  but in the end  what  the  spell did was help them  realize their own self worth to move forward  in life.  Only  months later I will receive emails thanking me  for the candle magic because they found someone new who is wonderful and now they can truly envision spending the rest of their life with new person they are in a relationship.

This doesn't mean you can't fix things with your current relationship, while there are people who have reported in being able to fix the relationship they are currently in , one the key elements  to doing that is  believe in what you are casting and  open the energy  for the universe  create  opportunities for  you. It can work for you as long as you believe and faith in your spell casting.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Cleaning the Magical Way!

I can't  believe spring is here!  It's one of favorite seasons  of the year. Besides the wonderful weather that I get living in California ,  I love spring  because it also means its time to clear out the old and bring in new energies.  Every spring, I reorganizing my  place and  getting  rid of anything I don't need any more. I am believer that  less is more at my place. Every time, I just get rid of stuff, I feel lighter  plus   I have  learned  all I am getting rid of is just stuff!  Getting  rid of old stuff means it opens up the new positive energy to come into your home! So here are some tips  for your spring cleaning...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Effective Ways In Using Spell Oils

 Most of  probably know the most  common way to use Spell Oils  is to add it to a spell candle, make a  wish and then let the magic begin.  Did you know there are other effective ways  to  work the magic of these oils?  Depending  on  the purpose of the what you are  using it for, you can  use it for  purposes. Here's a couple  of ways  to keep  to use spell oils that you  might  have never thought of using.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Giveaway Time: Sleep Spell Pillar Candle

It's time for another Giveaway. This month you can  win a  Sleep Spell candle. If you have  been having difficulty sleeping , this  Lavender Vanilla scented candle  is dressed with some  sleep herbs that can help you get a  nice restful sleep and bring more calming energy around you. All you have to do is enter the entries below.  Please  play fair. All entries are checked and when  selected they  need to be valid information as stated. Fail to do,  results the winner from being  disqualified  and having me pick another  winner. Winner  has  48 hours to respond to email to claim their prize. The  giveaway is open worldwide. Good Luck!

Read Below if you are doing the facebook option: In the previous giveaway, facebook fans were confused how to share the giveaway. Below are the links to how to do them so you get your points for the work.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Congrats XTY Cruz on The Eternal Love Spell Candle!

 Congrats on our Winner XTY Cruz!  She has  won the Eternal Love Spell   Candle.   The next Giveaway will be up shortly. Stayed Tuned. Thank you for all who participated in the giveaway.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Breaking Your Karma Connections

Karma Candles at my shop has been a hit! I really  happy that  scent itself is new favorite. So how do Karma  candles work? These are  not return to sender for those that have harm you. I   don't even do that kind of spell work. Besides  my magic  candles are for positive intentions only, for the good to not harm anyone.  Basically, the idea  of karma candles  is to  help you let go  of the past that seems to be haunting you. I am sure all of us have some kind of emotional baggage we revisit every now and then. Sometimes, we  wonder why we had to go through  the pain and  sometimes there is no direct answer to why  that event occurred.  Nevertheless, it is something we  must release  within our own self so we can  move forward with our own life.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feburary Giveaway: Eternal Love Pillar Candle

Eternal Love Red Spell Pillar Candle for strengthening love bonds,  passionate love, bewitchment, sexual intimacy

This month  I decided to run a Giveaway  since Valentine's Day is coming  up!  You  are going  to win a  Eternal Love Spell Candle  with a sample of my passion oil to help bring the  love  of someone special close to you!  So fitting  for Valentine's Day right?? :)   The candle  itself leans forward  though, just you are aware but it should still  be fine for burning  purposes.  Other than that, its packed with the magical herbs  you need to work your magic.

Couple of changes to the  giveaway:  Facebook has become strict with  giveaways.  So to be fair as  possible, the  following options are created. You can share the giveaway once  on  Facebook... but Facebook no longer allows likes as entries for giveaways. Its understandable as  likes are suppose to be  genuine fans and not for entries. Entries will be shared on Facebook once and you can tweet additional entries through twitter to get into the giveaway. You may subscribe to my newsletter if you are really interested in getting updates and have as a free entry every time. But if you opt out after the giveaway end,  I will  disqualify you for future entries to any other giveaways I  run in the future.   Please understand the  giveaway entries are to reflect fairness for any prize in my shop.

This  giveaway is good for  world wide,  so anyone can  enter.  Please play fair,  the winners  entry will be checked.   Not filling out  the  form correctly, will result  disqualification of  winning the prize and I  will  select another winner.  Winner  also must respond within 48  hours  of  contact to receive a prize. Fail to respond in a timely manner will also mean I need to select another winner  to receive the prize.

 If  you have any questions,  please let me know.  Good Luck!

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