Monday, August 6, 2012

Making Sample Candles For Sampler Boxes

Happy Monday  Everyone!  So all last week, I was busy with  family visiting me.  My cousin Jon and girlfriend Lani  came to spend time with me for 3 days.   My  dad also came to visit me  Saturday as well, so I spent some time to do some outlet shopping with him and had a nice  dinner  at Black Angus.  Love those  coupons  they sent out... so worth it!

Anyways,   With all that going on I was still able to get some  work done.  Since July, I started  doing  Love Thyself  Sample   candles for Out of the Box Sampler.  It took me a while to  figure out how  I was going to package the stuff and  get some sort of rhythm in making a total of 100 samples for them.  Gosh I  am glad that I even finished early  on that because I didn't know exactly how long it would have taken me to push out 100 samples... whew! I did it and I finally scheduled the USPS to pick up my candles on Saturday! :)   I will be in their  September Box  and since they were doing a Pink  box  for in  support of breast cancer awareness I decided to  distribute  Pink candles to match their theme.