Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Trust the USPS

This weekend  provided  me  some laughter  from the USPS.  If you are  planning  to ship any gifts to  your loved ones  this year, please  consider insuring your boxes. While my Etsy  shop has  open for only a half year,  I have  run across   a lot  of things the  USPS  has  done and it doesn't matter what service  you are choosing whether its media mail, first class rate, or priority mail, some how  something happens to my packages  sooner or later.   Hence, I have  learned  that no matter what the price  of the item is, I  need to  have it fully covered just in case. I know that  shipping cost can be high with insurance  but  for just a bit more  it provides a  added protection that is needed.  If you  are running a shop or planning   to mail stuff  to your  love  ones this holiday please spend that extra money to get insurance, you will fill better knowing that   you are covered.