Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine Giveaway

We are  nearing Valentine's Day so I thought about  starting  early here with the give away and  rolling  it into next month.  Might as well  get started  right?

The prize was from Last Time was such a  hit that I decided I am going to do it again! :)

Keep in mind of the following before you enter:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dad To The Rescue!

This week's story  is about my dad with my two cats. I thought I share a bit of humor here as my dad has a hard time getting along with  kitties generally but he does love these two even though Tigger  (on the bottom) usually gives him a hard time.  This week my dad  was trying to be hero though.  There has been a pixie bobcat  bullying Tigger all because  he thinks that Tigger is in the way when he wants to get Yuna's ( on top of the tv)  attention. This bobcat isnt that big its about the same size as Tigger of course, but I have seen him before roaming around when I visit my dad and I have always thought that it was a cutie pie.  I actually think this bobcat is even more good looking  than Tigger but I still love my Tigger no matter what.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine Treasury

 Another wonderful treasury here  that was  created to promote Love energy. My Love Salts landed  in this treasury so if you love taking baths this is a great one to take. It really brings in that loving energy  for you to feel giving you the confidence  knowing people love  you for who you are. In fact  love salts also help you  project that love on to others as well so even when you are  interacting  with the one you love most it can help you   say  what it needs to say in such a loving way. It just has great energy all the way around.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are you ready to lose weight?

The one thing that most people want to do is  lose weight.  Since it is  the  New Year, I am  going to be writing a few  blog posts  to  give you an idea what I  have done  to lose that 60 pounds. It took a lot of hard work and when I  look  back at  what I have done for myself, not only  do I feel better,  I  believe in my own self and I  love how I  have changed. I am happy being me.  You would never guess its mean  at first  until you  take a  second look and I love how people do that because you just have to pay attention... :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Addition The Shop- Success Candle and Success Oil

The  newest addition to my shop  is my Success candle and the Success oil.  Both  I love very much and here  is how this candle works.  This  is what I call my manifestation candle, a candle that will manifest those dreams,  wishes  or goals that you have been  longing to  achieve.  You can pretty  much  ask  for anything that you want in your life. All you have to do is envision what you want. Need a successful love life,  ask for it with this candle.  Are you trying to achieve a dream of yours? Ask for it!   Starting a business?  Need  to find inspiration or get more ideas for  your  business?  Ask for it in this candle... :)   Weight Loss works too... Envision  yourself to lose the weight... I would  ask for this candle to give me ideas or inspirations to help me achieve that weight loss.    Basically if you are feeling stuck and need a way to be open to new ideas  or  inspirations this candle can give you that push to help you along the way.   So try it out!  you just may get new  ideas out of the blue to help you  achieve the results  you are looking for!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Photo: Happy New Year from the Sunburst family to yours!!

Happy New Year Everyone!   Goodness another year has gone by and it feels like  it just flew by.  I wanted to thank all my fans who have supported me  for what I do  for my shop at Joie Joelle.  I couldnt have done it without  every one's support so I  really  appreciate everyone :)

As I started out the New year, I took the time to reflect the things  I have accomplished   from last year.   I  actually accomplished  2   major things  that I wanted to do.  One was  doing  reaching  50 sales on Etsy which I did  a total of 64 sales in the half a year. I am so ecstatic about this because I know it takes time to make  sales. It  is an accomplishment for myself to be able to go over that many sales. . Being able to sell this much  in my shop shows me that I do have something of value and it continues  to help me be inspired by the work I do. It's truly a blessing of what I have done  with the store.