Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Magic of Caradmom Seeds, Create Your own Love Spell Oil!

Ever since I discovered  Cardamom I love the power of its magic.  Cardamom is  best known to seduce  the  special  someone that  you have your eye on and it works  effectively. It's magic so  alluring that really using this seed is probably one of the best herbs to use when it comes to love magic. Adding  this  herb  to  other   love herbs is highly effective. In fact its consider a good  herb for  intimacy or  bringing in sexual energy into your relationships.  Just lighting the  seeds  invoke the strength that can  bring  in the romantic energy.  The  seeds  itself is  powerful. Let's not forget the pod that protects the seeds.  The pod itself is just as powerful.  Personally I like  getting the whole cardamon  pods and breaking them  apart as I add it to my candles or  oils.    I encourage  you to give it a try.  In fact I think its even better to get the  Whole Cardamom  that comes with the shell.    The one thing I learned  about cardmon is when you   use a  mortar and  pedestal  to break  the shell off  it, I can actually feel the magic already in it.  Just focus your intention on it when  you are ready to break the shell...  what do you want the cardamon to do?  Attract someone to you?  Bring  a  lover closer to you?   Draw in more  sexual energy to you?  Be sure you know what your  intention is with those pods are before you grind them away.

Here's a  spell oil that you can  try with cardamom

You will  need: 1 oz   glass jar,  (color jar)  I use brown ones at my shop but as long as its colored it will help  protect the  oil.

Sweet Almond  oil  or Grapeseed oil ,  way better  for  your skin and will last a long time over olive oil or vegetable oil...

Cardamom pods  and a handful of Rose  petals,

Rose Absolute Essential oil  or Otto, and Cardamon oil,  the  real stuff  folks. Yes its expensive  but it works. Do Not Attempt to be cheap and try imitation stuff, it doesnt work. Practically every  oil I make in my shop has Real Pure Essential oils.

Step one:  Grind the Rose Petals and Cardmon together... visualize the  energy going into those herbs as if you have it already. If it is  for someone  you love visualize as if you have that loving relationship. If its  more  on an intimate level, visualize that intention and  start  grinding away... personally I like  grinding away until I feel my hand wants to stop  usually it gets a bit tired that is how I send my energy through the herbs I grind by hand. once you are done add them to your dark glass  bottle

Step 2: Fill it up with  Sweet almond or grapeseed oil, dont  fill it  to the top just to the shoulder of the  bottle... this helps you adjust if you  need to.

Step 3: Add the essential oil drops  to the dark bottle... how many drops? Well this is the fun  part, making  your own personal  spell oil means you should go with your intuition and ask yourself  how many  drops it  go into it... I start with 2 drops each , actually rose is so  strong and so expensive that 2 drops of it is plenty... cardmon I tend to go between  3-5 drops  but  that is my preference

4..  put the  lid on and  shake the  bottle vigorously until your hand is tired! Again  visualize the  intention of what this spell oil is for... you can chant if you want , just be in sync  and dont stop shake the  bottle until you had  wants to stop..

5. Let the bottle sit at least for a day :)   blending  takes time and the   this  little spell  oil   works even better when you  let the  oil  sit for at least 2-4 weeks  you will find over time  the oil becomes stronger.  I personally like  to do a 6-8 week  period at least  for more effective power to the oil but again that is my  preference.

 Enjoy you little Love spell oil, may  attract your  desires.  For more herbs:
visit here for your magical needs.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who is your Angel Week 5/12


 Have you thought about your card this week?  I enjoy doing these cards for you and will keep at them of course to change the pace every now and then we  will work  with different decks as I like to do that to shift the energy. In the mean time  lets continue with the Angel Message  deck as  soon.  Remember Psychic Readings are available if you need  deeper insight from me.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Giveaway: Sleep Candles & Sleep Perfume Collection

This month you are going  to be able to win  the Sleep collection!  It's one of my favorite  scents of my favorite scents. It's been a hit so far too as I have gotten  compliments on it from my Etsy shop.  The winner will receive a  two pack of Sleep Spell candles with Sleep spell oil  a Full size Sleep perfume oil  to help you relax  and fall  asleep at ease.  The Sleep spell oil is my very own special  blend that is slightly  different  from the  candles and the perfume oil. What can I say, I like to change things up  :) But otherwise,  the candles and the perfume  are blended with Lavender and Vanilla :)  This giveaway is world wide. be sure to mkae usre you provide your  links or tweets  in the entries so I can verify  the entry, if you happened to get picked!   Good Luck everyone :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Angel Cards for Week 5/5

 It's time to work with messages from the angels once again!  So have you decided what card you like this week?   I hope these cards  each week are  inspirational  and empowering for you to take with you  during the week. May these  messages offer you  wisdom and give you a bit of guidance for the week ahead of you. If you  need more deeper  insight, psychic readings are always available and I am even running a special rate  for live  chat and  phone readings :) 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2JustBYou Product Review: Success Spell Sampler Kit + Giveaway

  I am excited to announce my Mini Success sampler  kit was  just reviewed! I  love working with Kim and  I have on occasion sponsored her blog.  This article is up and what i sent in was  one  success spell votive with success spell oil  and  I wanted her to try the bourbon  vanilla  perfume oil!  Just wanted to change things up a bit. To my surprised she was so kind to email me and let me know  after she  lit the candle with the oil,  her orders for her shop[ picked up that she was so busy fulfilling the order its why her review delayed. but that's ok, I 'm just happy she  got some  good results from my sampler  pack I sent out.  You can  read her  latest article here.