Friday, September 14, 2012

Sword Art Online Anime

Stepping away  from spirituality a bit I thought I share  a new anime that had recently  came out not too long ago which I  am actually hooked on now. Just so you know  one of my biggest hobbies is anime :)  I love watching  all sort of anime as I pretty  open minded. The  name of this anime is called Sword Art Online.  I actually like the concept of the story and its pretty  easy to relate to.   Are you into video games?  Have  you played MMORPG like Final Fantasy 11, Ever Quest  or WOW (World of Warcraft).  If so, you will be able to relate to this anime. I  love how creative they have gotten with the story itself.  Basically, the story starts introducing us in the world of 2022 where  we now take video games into a  different level, by using  our minds to play games.  The characters are introduced to an item Nerv Gear where to put it on their heads to interact with the game. In episode one, you see how everyone is excited about the new game coming out and  getting  into the game.  It's quite interesting because this anime takes you through learning what MMORPG is so even if you have no idea what   MMORPG is,  it does introduce  you to the concepts of it for a bit.   While it may seem its a bit typical story,  its not. I love the fact that  they get  stuck in the  game  and can't log out.   I love how they basically have to surrive in the game because if they die in  game  then they  will die in real life.