Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Are Organic Candles Better?

For many years, I have learned how to  perform  candle magic from various types of candles. These  range from spiritual ritual candles like the figure candles, Santeria Candles  and  even  the  Angel candle glass  candles.  While these candles gave  me a bit of results, it was actually making genuine  organic  beeswax  candles that  got me to  really love candle making. When  I finally took a spell candle class in using beeswax, my perspective in spell magic completely changed. Candle making has become an inspiration to me.

I love the  fact that I make candles completely natural.  When I say this, I mean everything from the  beeswax to the organic herbs, and pure essential oils are in each candle.  I pride myself to make good quality candles. This is why I also  emphasize  in making custom ordered candles for my customers. I want the candle to be  fresh and also be able to give that nice powerful lift when someone are doing their candle spells.  Even though it cost a bit more for my materials, I have  two   reasons for my madness in going organic.   The first one