Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awaken Your Senses - Lemon Cayenne Energy Drink

 Post image for Morning Drink: Lemon Cayenne Water

I am not a big fan of  energy  drinks  but I did  come across a  recipe from a book I was reading on last month and wanted to  share  this drink  recipe for you.  One of the reasons I like this recipe is the  fact that its healthy and all natural. I have  this drink once a day because it gives me energy and it's   very delicious.  The other benefit of this drink is that it can be detoxifying for your liver and digestive system.  If you drink this in the morning  you will get your digestion and  metabolism  going. That also means you can burn more fat too,  the overall drink can  actually get your body going and  more tasty than you popping an energy  drink like the red bull. While its great any time  of the day I prefer to pop this in in the morning, wakes me up very good... well I have it after i have my coffee LOL but that is drink I enjoy like a treat!