Monday, September 9, 2013 Finally Up!

Wow, I have come a long way from really getting my work out there.  For the longest time, I have worked really hard to try to build my own brand but never knew  how to really go about it.   I have learned everything by myself I mean seriously I look back and go wow in just over a year I finaly get  my blogger site right,  learn how to promote my Facebook page correct, learn photoshop,  how to use newsletters efficiently, twittering and now  Just when I felt stuck, I  can say now that I don't feel stuck anymore!  It's just an achievement one after the other in such a good way that I feel so good that I learned everything on my own!

It's only been a little over a year and I realized that  I have created a brand for myself in a good way. Come to think of it I noticed that I can shine with my own work rather than  relying on others to help me. It sure takes longer to do the work I need to do but  gosh if there is one thing that I  have learned in my life that is to be your own best friend and do things  on your own. You are your own support always!  I have found that I achieve greater results by doing a lot of things on my own  than to ask people for help.  Not that its bad to get help  from others, but people give the run around  a lot and I know most people don't realize that some things  really need  immediate  attention.  They just let it sit there without response lol. So the  one thing I have learned is to do it yourself.  In one way or another, I have always found a way to do things that I would never have imagined that I could be so successful in doing.