Monday, October 14, 2013

Reinventing Passion Product line

One thing that I have learned as I own a shop is to make changes to items when  necessary.  It's nice to always  improve my items along the way even if that means to change the  formula  of  my one my products. So after months of thinking, I  reinvented the passion candle. I realize that more requests were about trying to draw their  special someone closer to them. Let me say, it took me a few months to  reinvent the passion oil along with it  but after changing  it and  redoing the  description, this  candle has been a  hot  item that I am consistently making. My passion oil  now it more of a musky scent ( quite spicy)  and when you wear it,  don't be surprise  if you  get people's attention easily.  I have worn the oil before and just gone shopping for groceries, and it makes people eye on you. Even  wearing it can get you in the mood for the  bedroom if you choose to do so with your partner.