Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making Magical Spell Candles

Creating spell candles  has been a passion of mine  for long time. I love how it gives us the positive lift when we burn these candles that I sell. It is what I aim for every time I do my candles. Of course to be clear here, I don't slap my candles together right then and there.  A lot of time and energy goes  into each candle I  make for each person. But  before we get to how I make my candles, Let's first introduce  the master behind my work, my healing guide Jason :)  Jason is my master healer guide and while he is quite  shy most of the time what I  love about Jason is   he is super sweet, gentle and  he has  a lot of wisdom  to share about the herbs  oils and stones . He guides me through my process of each candle that I make.