Friday, December 21, 2012

December's Top Handcrafted Sponsor

 Well let me say its been a  pleasure doing samples for  sampler  companies this year.  I  have been excited to throw out a few of my samples each time to  allow people  to see and  try  my products.   .  This month is  extra special though.  For December, I have  been selected to be the Top Handmade Sponsor for My Dream Sampler box.  Holly Miller, the owner  emailed me to let me know I was selected and I was so thrilled.  It  has been a pleasure to work with her because she really does go the extra mile to promote sponsor shops across all the social media she has on her. So if you are looking for  a good place to  donate   some samples I suggest  My Dream Sample Box.   I have had a  very positive experience working  with her and  the results have been great for the previous months I have been  donating back then. I also have written an article on me and my  work, so you can read it here if you like to read more about  who I am and how I do my work.