Monday, February 24, 2014

High John Conqueror Root Magic Spell Candle Tips!

This  is absolutely  one of my favorite  items I use  in my my work ~ High John the Conqueror Root.  What  makes  it special  is the fact that  it has the  power to  help you succeed in everything that you want to accomplish. It doesnt matter how  deep the  problem it is  in your life. This  root will  find its way to resolve the issue, removing the  blockages that are needed so you can be more successful in achieving  your desire.  I  absolutely love it  because I know that any time I use this root, the magic works. So what are ways you can  use this root?  I find  that it works great in candle magic and creating spell oils.  Sometimes I replace  this root in my  hand rolled candles rather  than using energy stones.  This   gives  it a nice  big boost of energy  into the candle.But today, I am covering  how to do glass candle magic with this root.   Another way  burn in a candle is using  this root in those tall  glass candles.  Whether you are using Santeria glass candles or  Angel glass candles ( you can find these candles in Walmart, local grocery store etc...)  be sure to add the root to  the candle.  Here is the  most simplest way to  glass  candle magic follow the steps below: