Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shop Feature: Mending Life Together

Panda Crinkle Tag Blanket, Security Blanket, Baby Shower Gift

This week's shop feature is Mending Life Together by Olivia Hook.  I love how cute this shop  is as it caters to baby items. you can find so much stuff ranging  from  messenger bags,  bibs, cloths, and even  blankets. Pretty anything you need for your baby  needs you can find here.  Here is more information about the shop itself. 

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?
I came up with my name while I was at an adoption party for my moms friend. I remembered a saying my grandma used for fixing jeans and it was Mending. I didn't want to put my name in the shop and, I also didn't want to say sewn item, kids, toddler, or babies in the title. In case I wanted to expand the store. So I thought of other words for mending which were fixing, together. So I wanted Mending, and Together in it. Then the word Life just popped up. That's how I came up with my name.

2. Tell us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?
What makes my items unique is that the prints aren't something you would find in everyone elses stores. I try to find unique fabric so that you won't find something like it in any other store. Also that a 15 year old girl made these items kinda makes them unique in their own little way.