Monday, March 3, 2014

Giveaway Time For March! Newest Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils are a new  line that I  am slowly adding to my shop line. I am  taking a  break from the candle making  just to have a different  change of pace for me. It's always nice when I discover new things that I can create.  As much as I love making candles and all the  spiritual items  in my store I  trying to expand my  aromatherapy line a bit more as well which I feel its been fun exploring to see what I can  create these days. Makes things more fun and enjoyable when I find new things to add to my shop. All  my perfume  oils do not have an alcohol in it. In  fact  its going to be very moisturising to the skin with the base of Jojoba oil and coconut oil  in the mix.  it's the first time I have used  jojoba  oil and while its a bit pricey  to get even 1  lb  its well worth it as with  both jojoba oil and coconut  oil, it gives  the perfume oils a nice long shelf life and  when you apply these  perfume oils  to the skin  you're  going to find the  scent quite long lasting :)

 So here is the  opportunity  to  try my  latest  creations  in my shop, you will be able to win the following 1/3 oz bottles below:

Dragon's Blood Perfume Oil:
This is great to  get rid of all  negativity and have a clearer thinking  overall  its one  of my  favorites because it just  gives  nice lift in  mood and  helps  feel positive. While  it may have more of a masculine scent , this  is highly effective.  Blended with notes of : sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and myrrh.