Thursday, September 20, 2012

Newest Creation- Don't Worry Be Happy Candle Plus Giveaway

   So after working hard at  making my newest candle, here it is,  It's the Don't Worry  Be  Happy Candle!  Inspired by my guide St.Christopher! He always  says that we  are always strsesed  in today's  world that we  do more worrying and tend to forget how to  be happy or even  get that feeling of happiness back into our life! So this candle is going to be a double color candle.  The  first layer  will be baby blue like the Peace candle and  it will be wrapped with peace loving energies and herbs which is the main issue for most of us.  We cant really be happy if we are are in constant worry  about everything going on in  our lives anyways right?  So the peace energy needs to come in first , making us feel more calm and relaxed, and less worried... Once the peacefulness takes effect , we have the second  layer wrapped around it , which is  going to be  promoting the happiness feeling we so desire to have.  We all want to feel happy and not worry , so the happiness  layer will  give that boost of joy  in your every day life here.   The  whole effect is very nice  when  you  burn these  candles too because  its just nice to have that  feeling of  joy everyday!  I worked hard at making this candle and I do feel  you will like it.  These candles are the in the mini candle sections  but as soon as I can take the pictures  for the bigger candles they will be  put up on my Etsy store.