Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get Something Positive For Yourself!

Yes, you heard me! Get Something positive for yourself, something that  will keep  reminding  you to stay positive no matter  how hard or  long that road may be to reach your goals.  Do you know what  can make you smile  every time you  look at it?   Well,  I am here to tell you  a little discovery I made last month.   I am a huge fan of stuff animals especially bears and well I grown found of the small amount of care bears I have with me but each Care Bear  has a purpose in my life.  May be its the energy that my guides put into my  bears.  I am not sure why  but I can tell difference of  each stuff  animal I hold.  I know the difference in  energy and what the purpose is. May be I just weird that way but I find it helps me be who I am  which is what matters the most to me.