Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Under Construction

Hi Everyone,
  I thought  I let everyone know that I have been busy in  trying to  find a  unique blog template that works for me. It  took me some time to  actually find a  template I actually liked. I did  think the Teddy and Bunny one I had was  very cute but I wanted to go  with a more beautiful yet professional  looking one, so I am in  mist of  keeping this  new template of a notepad on here. I love  the elegance it has where it has a nice  blend  of  colors and it seems easy to read too.  Since I am new to  blogging  its going to take me some more time for me to study on up on it  and tweak it the way I  feel will work for me as well look presentable too.  It's be interesting in how I am learning the blog stuff but I do admit  that I starting to hang of it! This week I figured out  make my my own blog button, and thanks to my friend that made the cute little design! I just love it!!!

 Don't worry I haven't been slacking on the posts either.  I am  actually trying to have  multiple posts ready and lined up  so that you have  something to look forward for the week. My aim is to have at least 2-3 post  for the week.  So unless I get bogged down, this  blog  is going to be as active as it can be :)

 A few  things to note here: