Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creating Christmas Labels

When I first started my shop,  I had friend that  created my  original Joie Joelle  labels.  They turned out   gorgeous and  I really loved how  she did my labels.  Unfortunately, she got more busy and  I  had to find a way  to make them myself. Well, thanks to my cousin Jon , he  suggested  me to learn pPhotoshop!  Last month,  I went up to see him so I could learn a few lessons.  When I first started learning everything, it did feel overwhelming.  I had to actually call my cousin a few times  when I felt stuck.  Thank goodness he was there to teach me even more.  After constantly practicing  the labels, my first  batch was  ok.  However, I didn't like the patterns as much and started  looking for different  ones.   Hence after all the learning patterns , fonts and brushes I am getting the hang of all of this stuff and I am so impressed  with what I have done for myself.  I feel each time I  learn something  new and  I am able to  improve it , that I feel more accomplished for what I can learn on my own. So here are the labels  coming out, below you will see the candle labels I created for this holiday season  :)  It's nice to  make a  change and get in the spirit of the holidays.