Thursday, October 4, 2012

Featured in October Treasury on Etsy

I'm  Excited to see that I got  featured in someone's Treasury for this month in October! It's inspiring to see my worked get displayed here and I believe its my  third landing on the  treasury page.   I love  it! The theme of this Treasure was Halloween Fun so  its about  getting ready for Halloween.  I also enjoy seeing other  creative artists being  features well.  Lovely  treasury Charlene  put together. Check out her shop on Etsy at JewelrybyChar

Meet Tigger and Yuna

It's time to meet my two adorable cats Tigger and Yuna.   When I   went to  animal shelter  a few years ago my mom, my brother  and I saw  these two together in the same cage. Actually, it was my brother's idea to not separate them as he  thought that it was so cute to find a matching a set of cats.  In fact, it was my brother who also said if we got  both of these cats together then they would keep each other  company. I thought it was sweet how my brother was thoughtful  about keeping them together  like a family. When it came down to paying  for the  two cats, me and my brother decided  to split the bill. I actually paid for Yuna and  my brother  paid for Tigger. Oh yes, there is one more unique thing  you should know about both of my cats, they each have an extra toe on their front paws :Yup, that means they have  6 toes each on the front paws. When  you look closely their front paws  are shaped like  little mittens.  It makes them even more cute because  we didnt know that they had extra toes until they both came home to us. It just makes them the perfect pair together. :)