Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home Cleansing Your Sacred Space

Home Cleanse Purple Pillar Spell Aromatherapy Candle  for protection, exocrism, power, remove negativity, banishing, potency

My latest creation the Home cleansing  collection is finally out. It's been a long time  coming because I been  wanting to do this collection for  some time.  Cleansing  your home is very important  because  of our daily interactions with people.   Whether you live on your own or with others treat your  home as a sacred  space. Your home  should always feel warm and inviting as well as  positive  whether its your  coming home or  guests  arriving to spending quality time with you. When your  home is cleansed,  you will be able to  vibrate  on  higher  level of energy.   When you feel positive, you will attract  positive  which also helps with manifesting the desires that you  have been trying to achieve.   Regardless   home cleansing  is great way   to get rid of old , bad or negative  out of your  space. Especially  when you  start feeling negative  more than  normal, this is usually  a sign to do some cleansing  of energy. you will feel refreshed or  even lighter not letting  your worries cloud your mind once you have cleansed your  sacred space.    I recommend  doing   home  cleanse  once month for best results.  Of course  if you wait longer than that, what you will find  is that there may be more build up of negative energy to work with. Regardless you will feel the  cleansing happening as you light these candles 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Shop Feature: Garasu Wonderland

Hi Everyone,
  It has been a while but  just recently there is a new a shop feature that you may be interested in.  Koren from  Garasu Wonderland has a wonderful shop that features hand painted glass art. I love the  different types of textures she uses  for her art.  Great pieces  of art that you can enjoy at home as decorations.Her  colorful her art glass  pieces are very inspirational and heartwarming too!  My favorite piece  from her is the heart glass bottle she has  in her shop but even the sun catchers she has makes me smile :)  Be sure to check  out her  shop, these  items can bring positive  energy to anyone's home, and  with the holidays coming up around the corner this is would be a great unique  gift  to add in  your gift list.
Love in a Bottle・Hand Painted Glass Flower Vase・Hearts in Soft Pink & White・Romantic Home Decor Accents/ Personalised Valentines Gifts

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?
"Garasu" means glass in Japanese. I love glass, love its transparency, its opaqueness and its many different expressions under light. As my shop is about hand painted glass wonders so I named it Garasu Wonderland.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Magic of Good Luck Candles

It's been a while since I  blogged  but that is because  my business has  been picking up and since  I am the only one that does everything from creating to all these social media post,  it seems the day never ends! Every time I working my shop, I love the energy I bring  to  product I bring  to my shop. One my  newest creations  is the  Good Luck Candles and  it has taken me  a good 6 months to  make the right ingredients  to work  it effectively. The difference  between Good Luck candles and Money  Drawing candles is Good Luck candles can really draw in money more  quickly and bring more good things to your life. I thought the hardest challenge in doing  good luck candles  was the  oil itself. Again it was through experimentation and  of testing that got me this far to producing the candle itself.  The Good Luck oil itself  has been  steeped with  herbs and  even  high john conqueror to make sure all  blockages are cleared  so it can  create   more opportunities  to  receiving  more good luck your way. Keep in mind  you can be getting money  from all  different sources so always have an  open mind.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Featured On The Art & Tree Chatter of Aquarian + Giveaway

 Dragons Blood Room Spray by Joie Joelle

This month  I am  partnering up with  Kristin  from the The Art & Tree Chatter of Aquarian.  Kristin has been very kind  to feature me and I have to say that I love her blog. I thought it was  very  fitting  with the whole fairy theme  and thought that it was  mystical!  Kristin was kind enough to do a review  on my Dragon Blood Room Spray, which has been quite a hit at my store so be sure read up on  her thoughts about the  product.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Giveaway with Huggable Friends!

 Its been a while since I have  been blogging, really sorry everyone I am  in the midst of  having orders to do as well as I need to keep my place organized. So lots of work going on that has kept me away  a bit but don't worry I  am also done getting this cleaned up in my home so I can get back on track with the blog.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Giveaway Winner is....

With over   2000 entries  on the  Sleep candles and perfume giveaway, one  lucky winner was able to get this amazing prize! And our winner  today for this prize is Janet Fricano!  your item will be shipped out tomorrow!  In the mean time  I will be selecting another  prize soon  enough  for another  chance to win one  of items at my lovely shop! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Magic of Caradmom Seeds, Create Your own Love Spell Oil!

Ever since I discovered  Cardamom I love the power of its magic.  Cardamom is  best known to seduce  the  special  someone that  you have your eye on and it works  effectively. It's magic so  alluring that really using this seed is probably one of the best herbs to use when it comes to love magic. Adding  this  herb  to  other   love herbs is highly effective. In fact its consider a good  herb for  intimacy or  bringing in sexual energy into your relationships.  Just lighting the  seeds  invoke the strength that can  bring  in the romantic energy.  The  seeds  itself is  powerful. Let's not forget the pod that protects the seeds.  The pod itself is just as powerful.  Personally I like  getting the whole cardamon  pods and breaking them  apart as I add it to my candles or  oils.    I encourage  you to give it a try.  In fact I think its even better to get the  Whole Cardamom  that comes with the shell.    The one thing I learned  about cardmon is when you   use a  mortar and  pedestal  to break  the shell off  it, I can actually feel the magic already in it.  Just focus your intention on it when  you are ready to break the shell...  what do you want the cardamon to do?  Attract someone to you?  Bring  a  lover closer to you?   Draw in more  sexual energy to you?  Be sure you know what your  intention is with those pods are before you grind them away.

Here's a  spell oil that you can  try with cardamom

You will  need: 1 oz   glass jar,  (color jar)  I use brown ones at my shop but as long as its colored it will help  protect the  oil.

Sweet Almond  oil  or Grapeseed oil ,  way better  for  your skin and will last a long time over olive oil or vegetable oil...

Cardamom pods  and a handful of Rose  petals,

Rose Absolute Essential oil  or Otto, and Cardamon oil,  the  real stuff  folks. Yes its expensive  but it works. Do Not Attempt to be cheap and try imitation stuff, it doesnt work. Practically every  oil I make in my shop has Real Pure Essential oils.

Step one:  Grind the Rose Petals and Cardmon together... visualize the  energy going into those herbs as if you have it already. If it is  for someone  you love visualize as if you have that loving relationship. If its  more  on an intimate level, visualize that intention and  start  grinding away... personally I like  grinding away until I feel my hand wants to stop  usually it gets a bit tired that is how I send my energy through the herbs I grind by hand. once you are done add them to your dark glass  bottle

Step 2: Fill it up with  Sweet almond or grapeseed oil, dont  fill it  to the top just to the shoulder of the  bottle... this helps you adjust if you  need to.

Step 3: Add the essential oil drops  to the dark bottle... how many drops? Well this is the fun  part, making  your own personal  spell oil means you should go with your intuition and ask yourself  how many  drops it  go into it... I start with 2 drops each , actually rose is so  strong and so expensive that 2 drops of it is plenty... cardmon I tend to go between  3-5 drops  but  that is my preference

4..  put the  lid on and  shake the  bottle vigorously until your hand is tired! Again  visualize the  intention of what this spell oil is for... you can chant if you want , just be in sync  and dont stop shake the  bottle until you had  wants to stop..

5. Let the bottle sit at least for a day :)   blending  takes time and the   this  little spell  oil   works even better when you  let the  oil  sit for at least 2-4 weeks  you will find over time  the oil becomes stronger.  I personally like  to do a 6-8 week  period at least  for more effective power to the oil but again that is my  preference.

 Enjoy you little Love spell oil, may  attract your  desires.  For more herbs:
visit here for your magical needs.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who is your Angel Week 5/12


 Have you thought about your card this week?  I enjoy doing these cards for you and will keep at them of course to change the pace every now and then we  will work  with different decks as I like to do that to shift the energy. In the mean time  lets continue with the Angel Message  deck as  soon.  Remember Psychic Readings are available if you need  deeper insight from me.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Giveaway: Sleep Candles & Sleep Perfume Collection

This month you are going  to be able to win  the Sleep collection!  It's one of my favorite  scents of my favorite scents. It's been a hit so far too as I have gotten  compliments on it from my Etsy shop.  The winner will receive a  two pack of Sleep Spell candles with Sleep spell oil  a Full size Sleep perfume oil  to help you relax  and fall  asleep at ease.  The Sleep spell oil is my very own special  blend that is slightly  different  from the  candles and the perfume oil. What can I say, I like to change things up  :) But otherwise,  the candles and the perfume  are blended with Lavender and Vanilla :)  This giveaway is world wide. be sure to mkae usre you provide your  links or tweets  in the entries so I can verify  the entry, if you happened to get picked!   Good Luck everyone :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Angel Cards for Week 5/5

 It's time to work with messages from the angels once again!  So have you decided what card you like this week?   I hope these cards  each week are  inspirational  and empowering for you to take with you  during the week. May these  messages offer you  wisdom and give you a bit of guidance for the week ahead of you. If you  need more deeper  insight, psychic readings are always available and I am even running a special rate  for live  chat and  phone readings :) 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2JustBYou Product Review: Success Spell Sampler Kit + Giveaway

  I am excited to announce my Mini Success sampler  kit was  just reviewed! I  love working with Kim and  I have on occasion sponsored her blog.  This article is up and what i sent in was  one  success spell votive with success spell oil  and  I wanted her to try the bourbon  vanilla  perfume oil!  Just wanted to change things up a bit. To my surprised she was so kind to email me and let me know  after she  lit the candle with the oil,  her orders for her shop[ picked up that she was so busy fulfilling the order its why her review delayed. but that's ok, I 'm just happy she  got some  good results from my sampler  pack I sent out.  You can  read her  latest article here.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Which Angel is With You? For Week 4/28

Looks like i ma  gonna switch the energy up this week and  take out  a Angel Message cards this time. Sorry, I had to take a week off from  cutting  my left hand that it was  hard for me  to actually  type much so I really took a week off   to just rest my hand. Even typing for psychic readings  was a bit difficult to do  but now it seems that the pain is slowly going away  and I am  typing a bit more  normal  so thank goodness for that :) So begin with the cards here  for this week

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shop Feature: Hotsaus Designs

This week I decided to  feature a  new shop that just came in called Hotsaus Designs.  I have to say that I absolutely love  photography and  nature itself is amazing as well.   I personally  think the water picture above is my favorite.  But there are also other pictures that Ron has here that are very warm and inviting. Remember a  picture is worth a 1000 words right? And any Art o r new piece of art coming in the home can  bring  in  bright energy so take a look around  with this new shop that just opened on Etsy :)   Enjoy  reading more about Ron and his work here below.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

St Michael cards For Week 4/14

Are you ready  for  this a new of cards? So far I'm getting great feedback in how  the card  people are  picking is resonating with them! Great  job in picking the right card for you. And  don't worry if  it doesn't seem to  fit your situation  right away. After all, you are practicing  intuition and  trusting yourself  which cards feels right to you. In time you will get stronger with your intuition and pick  the right cards  for yourself.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Get Recharged With The Sleep Collection

After  catching up with my orders, I have been working on expanding my aromatherapy  in shop.  So this week I am talking about the  sleep collection.   This sleep  collection is  great for those of you that need a better nights  rest. I know with today's  stressful lives it can be tough to relax  especially with so much on  our mind and  just how we always  have so much to do that there seems to never been enough time in the day to complete  it all.  Regardless, we need to recharge  our  batteries after all we are only human. Hence, its why I have been wanting to do  this sleep therapy for some.  Most of the   entire collection is  scented with Lavender and Vanilla which I love.The spell oil is the only one scented that way. I personally like to  create my own spell oils because of the  fact if I am blending  it , it sends the energy to the bottle effectively.    After testing the  spell oil on the candle, I have found that the combination of even a votive candle and sleep oil to be very relaxing.  You can really feel the energy behind the candle.   But that doesn't mean that   you have to  burn candles to get   the effect out of it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

St.Michael Angel Cards For Week 4/7

Once again, its time for another  card  revealing to get your message from St.Michael. Have you  used your intuition to pick your cards? hopefully, this  has been helping you strengthen your own spiritual self! It's  always  fun  to see what you pick and  how well the card you pick  matches  you!.  So lets get on  with this weeks cards shall we?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Giveaway- Be Mine Spell Sampler Kit

 This time for a new giveaway  and this month I have decide to giveaway a Be Mine Spell  Sampler  Kit.  I love this  scent I created  where Orchid is the  main flower of this scent yet it still has a floral scent to it.   So  one lucky winner is going to be able to win  the  following as shown  above: that is one 1  Be Mine Votive, 5/8 dram  of  Be Mine spell oil and you will get to try a  full  clamshell of the be mine spell tarts :)   For those of you that are curious, Be mine collection is to help you attract that special  someone into your life, so if you have been wanting to attract that special someone into your life... this would be a  be a good one to spread the positive energy around the both of you. One winner is going to  win  this  package here.  Entries are open to world wide.   Be sure to play fair as always, I do the winner's entry before announcement. So if your entry is incomplete, it will be disqualified and I will select another  winner that has it all  completed.   Thanks so much for playing and  Good Luck!

Monday, March 31, 2014

St.Michael Angel Cards Week 3/31/14

 It's that time again for you to use your intuition and decide which card is right for you! Again,  St.Michael has great wisdom  here for your enjoyment! I still can't believe we are rolling into April  already! Wow time   flies so fast doesn't it? still feels the year just started too  lol.   Well then lets get started on the cards shall we?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Clearance Sale On Etsy!

 As I have  started to announce last week on facebook,  there is a clearance  section going on  at my Etsy store!  In this section  you are going to find  some of the  irregular candles  on sale for 50% off.    The irregularities are  based on the same of the candle. Most of them either  have a bit of sink holds or air  bubbles around the candle. this does not  affect the  performance of the candle at all. I am always burning off the  candles at my home like these because I don't have the heart to throw  it in the  trash especially when I  candle wax can  be more expensive over time  when thrown away.  Therefore from time to time you will be able  come across  a few items that are  a great steal.  Here are few  items to get you started...

Monday, March 24, 2014

St. Michael Angel Cards week 3/24/14

This week I wanted to change  up the deck a  bit.  Thought I give  it a  bit of pace change and work with St.Michael :)   For those of you that don't know, I do work under St.Michael, he is the Archangel  that  watches over me and my  work and sometimes he  does pay me a little visit every now and then.  It's also why my little St.Chris  always answers  to him as Boss :)  If you haven't  encounter St. Michael, I  do open one  day he  touches upon you  as I  feel very blessed that I  have him for guidance  in my life. St. Michael is strong ,  courageous, and compassionate  with  the delivery of  his messages. his inner wisdom is strength for us all.  So for this week's cards lets see what they are :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Manifesting Tip: Is TV Good For Us?

Today, I am gonna teach you a secret  manifesting tip I have used and that is to do with the television! Yes, the question above says it all. Is Tv Good For Us?  I guess  it depends on how you look at it but this  is what I have  learned from television. I have  discovered that television is actually bad  for my experience. When I say this , its because of all the  reality shows and news that is going on in today's society.  I am  not saying to stop watching tv by all means  watch  it all you want but I have found there is  way too much  negativity in today's news as well as some of the reality shows out there!  After all, remember  this phrase "Seeing is believing" Well  just think  about it a bit deeper...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Who is your Angel? Week 3/17/14

Thanks  for the  great posting  on facebook  and blog on your thoughts and comments for  the card of the week!  I find its important that you take time out  just to express your thought out which  card you are  choosing  for the week.  As  you work to do this and just make a small comment you be surprised how intuitive  you are! We are all psychic  in  our own little way and  know the Universe (God)  gave us that gift to  sense things, feels things whether  we think we are right  or wrong. A simple  practice of feeling   out the card for the week is gonna help you grow  a bit more spiritually aware.   So keep  practicing and you will see what I mean when I  say  this  :)  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Magic of Spell Candle Tarts

If you havent already  noticed,  I have been slowly adding my collection  of the spell candle  tarts to my shop.   All spell  tarts are made of pure beeswax  which I have  tested and found out the  scent  of the tarts are  very strong and long lasting. I  have been hearing about how  scented  tarts are starting to be popular  in electric warmers and it was a good friend of mine that mentioned making tarts for shop.  Nevertheless, I started  experimenting  with  the  spell tarts. All spell tarts have  charged  herbs  in each of them which I hand  grind and  charge up  with intentions  so its ready to go for your magical needs. 

When it comes to spell tarts  this is what I normally do, I get everything ready to set up my  candle of  choice. It is all depending  on what I am casting at that time.  Let's say I want to do a Love candle. Here are the steps I do in a general love spell.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Who is your Angel? Week 3/10/14

Did you  focus in on the card you wanted for this week?, Well the results are in and  the cards are in for this week.  Whether you picked either  Card 1, 2 or 3 ( going from left to right ) hopefully your card will inspire  you to think about what this means for you. Be sure  to let me know if your card fits you this week or not! We all have wisdom we can share when we see the cards. Heck, who knows you may actually have a God Story that  fits  your card for this week. you never know, anything is possible. This week's cards are:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Save Big On March! Get Free Shipping!

For the entire month of March,  you will be able to get Free Shipping at my stores both Etsy and Storenvy
All  you have to do is Spend $40 and  Enter the Code MARCHSHIP2014! This works for both International and Domestic Shipping so be sure to stock  up this month! Shipping  fees are  on me this month as a way to say thank you for  making my shop successful! It's my way of saying Thank You!  Offer ends  3/31/14

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shop Feature: Lisa Christine Designs

This weeks Shop Feature is Lisa Christine Designs by Lisa Miller. What I love about this cute little jewelry store is it seems her designs are a representation of the ocean or the sea which I love and it is easy to match since I seem to like to wear jeans.

Electroformed Sea Glass Necklace

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop

Well I went with my name because I know that I will never get tired of it! I am just getting my career as a jewelry designer started, and I didn't want to tie myself down to a particular theme or style. I plan on having names of different lines as I produce more work.

2. Tell us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?
I sell a variety of jewelry, all handmade by me. I love working with sea glass because the colors and shapes are never exactly the same, which means every piece I make is one of a kind! Sterling silver is my favorite metal to use, especially with the sea glass because it reflects light through the glass which shows off the color very well. All of my inspiration comes from nature, mainly the ocean. I love using patterns, colors and shapes from nature and treasures that I find along the beach. This gives the wearer a little pieces of my "happy place" to carry with them, and I hope it becomes their's too!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Giveaway Time For March! Newest Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils are a new  line that I  am slowly adding to my shop line. I am  taking a  break from the candle making  just to have a different  change of pace for me. It's always nice when I discover new things that I can create.  As much as I love making candles and all the  spiritual items  in my store I  trying to expand my  aromatherapy line a bit more as well which I feel its been fun exploring to see what I can  create these days. Makes things more fun and enjoyable when I find new things to add to my shop. All  my perfume  oils do not have an alcohol in it. In  fact  its going to be very moisturising to the skin with the base of Jojoba oil and coconut oil  in the mix.  it's the first time I have used  jojoba  oil and while its a bit pricey  to get even 1  lb  its well worth it as with  both jojoba oil and coconut  oil, it gives  the perfume oils a nice long shelf life and  when you apply these  perfume oils  to the skin  you're  going to find the  scent quite long lasting :)

 So here is the  opportunity  to  try my  latest  creations  in my shop, you will be able to win the following 1/3 oz bottles below:

Dragon's Blood Perfume Oil:
This is great to  get rid of all  negativity and have a clearer thinking  overall  its one  of my  favorites because it just  gives  nice lift in  mood and  helps  feel positive. While  it may have more of a masculine scent , this  is highly effective.  Blended with notes of : sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and myrrh.

Monday, February 24, 2014

High John Conqueror Root Magic Spell Candle Tips!

This  is absolutely  one of my favorite  items I use  in my my work ~ High John the Conqueror Root.  What  makes  it special  is the fact that  it has the  power to  help you succeed in everything that you want to accomplish. It doesnt matter how  deep the  problem it is  in your life. This  root will  find its way to resolve the issue, removing the  blockages that are needed so you can be more successful in achieving  your desire.  I  absolutely love it  because I know that any time I use this root, the magic works. So what are ways you can  use this root?  I find  that it works great in candle magic and creating spell oils.  Sometimes I replace  this root in my  hand rolled candles rather  than using energy stones.  This   gives  it a nice  big boost of energy  into the candle.But today, I am covering  how to do glass candle magic with this root.   Another way  burn in a candle is using  this root in those tall  glass candles.  Whether you are using Santeria glass candles or  Angel glass candles ( you can find these candles in Walmart, local grocery store etc...)  be sure to add the root to  the candle.  Here is the  most simplest way to  glass  candle magic follow the steps below:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Power of Dragon Blood, How to Work It's Magic

Dragon's blood  is one of the most powerful  resins to work with. It is versatile  when it comes to the use of almost any spell you are working on. Basically one  of the things I love about Dragon's blood  is the fact that  it really adds a lot of strength  to a candle I am making.  When I make my hand rolled candles, sometimes I will  add dragon blood  to a candle.   It all depends on whether I feel that personalized candle needs the added touch  but for the most part   it has been working quite effectively when  people have been  using my magical items. Either way,  dont discount this  Resin , its one of the best items to keep in handy for many reasons but here are a few  tips  when it comes to working  with Dragon  blood.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

MIndifi Your Way to Success!

 iPhone Screenshot 1

I am here to share with you a  program I actually found that has worked wonders for me for the entire week I have been using it.  The program itself  is called Mindifi  Law of  Attraction.  It's a Hypnosis program that is absolutely free and as far as I know its on ITunes and Kindle,  I have the kindle version  of course but I  thought I share  my experience with it.  First,  with this program its best  to for you to wear headphones, I find that its much more effective.  Since, I talked about law of attraction, I found that this  program actually helps me be more relaxed and more focused  on what I want to  attract.  It  will actually help you release worries or stressful thoughts and help you not think negatively! Yes, all those bad habits of "what if I cant do this or that  etc" this program  will lessen help you retrain your mind  if you are willing to  take at least 20-30 minutes a day to yourself and plug this program  in to listen to. It not only does  wonders for  your mind but  you will come  out feeling calmer and  happier  to enjoy life better each day.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Manifest Your Wishes and Desires

I have been studying the  Law of Attraction since last  year.  Believe it or not,  when I first started  the law of  attraction, I was having a hard time  making  the law of attraction to work for me. It got me frustrated because like most of us who struggle with  this concept,  its the fact that we probably don't  understand how  its needs to be applied to make it work.  For some of us it might be easy to  visualize  what we want  but  for some others  ( like me)  that  might not work. So here's a  concept that works for me, you may  want to try to see if  its applicable to you!  In the  next few weeks I will cover ways to write your lists so you can  get what you desire! After all, the new year is about  getting  things done and feeling good about accomplishing what we want to do! So here let's begin here!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shop Feature: The Shop at Pooh Corner + Giveaway

This weeks shop  feature is The Shop at Pooh Corner. I just love the name of the store itself! Well Winnie  the Pooh  is one of favorite characters  maybe that is why ;)  This store is selling a few vintage items along with some confetti, tags, stamps etc... which can be used for  scrap booking or anything you like to get all creative.  My favorite  item  is Alvin the Chipmunks. I love  stuff animals so  just looking at Alvin makes me smile and helps me remember how much I love the  show!  At the end of this you will be able to win a Valentine gift tag! Just in time if you are doing gifts this valentine's day!

Vintage Alvin and the Chipmunks Doll & Book: Alvin in Santa Hat and "The Chipmunk Story"

1. How did you come up with the name of your shop?
I love Classic Pooh. I wanted my shop to reflect the innocence and imagination found in the stories and illustrations of the original Winnie-the-Pooh books.