Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home Cleansing Your Sacred Space

Home Cleanse Purple Pillar Spell Aromatherapy Candle  for protection, exocrism, power, remove negativity, banishing, potency

My latest creation the Home cleansing  collection is finally out. It's been a long time  coming because I been  wanting to do this collection for  some time.  Cleansing  your home is very important  because  of our daily interactions with people.   Whether you live on your own or with others treat your  home as a sacred  space. Your home  should always feel warm and inviting as well as  positive  whether its your  coming home or  guests  arriving to spending quality time with you. When your  home is cleansed,  you will be able to  vibrate  on  higher  level of energy.   When you feel positive, you will attract  positive  which also helps with manifesting the desires that you  have been trying to achieve.   Regardless   home cleansing  is great way   to get rid of old , bad or negative  out of your  space. Especially  when you  start feeling negative  more than  normal, this is usually  a sign to do some cleansing  of energy. you will feel refreshed or  even lighter not letting  your worries cloud your mind once you have cleansed your  sacred space.    I recommend  doing   home  cleanse  once month for best results.  Of course  if you wait longer than that, what you will find  is that there may be more build up of negative energy to work with. Regardless you will feel the  cleansing happening as you light these candles 

 The  candles are  made with  palm wax and  its scent is citrus and sage which is nice blend to really get some  cleansing going. Also with  herbs in the candle such as sage, rue and eucalyptus (just to name a few) this  blend will help remove negativity even more.  I love this combination as Rue as the  power to really cleanse the  space removing negative thoughts ,  feelings doubts  and get  rid of  evil entities (( if needed )  while the eucalyptus is one the best healing herbs that work best with Rue. Sage is  powerful  on its its own for removal of evil but combining  it with  other herbs makes it highly effective.  

Home Cleanse purple Votive Spell Aromatherapy Candle  for protection, exocrism, power, remove negativity, banishing, potency

Candle Size  is  more of a preference.  It  doesn't matter if you are  doing a pillar or a votive size. Personally i like pillar candles  better but sometimes  I use votive  size candles to  a quick mini spell cleanse instead when I feel the energy just needs a light  cleanse  rather than the heavy duty one with my pillar size. 

Home Cleanse Spell Oil  helps removes negative energies , clears space,  helps bring in positive energy to you, your home, personal space

Ah, don't forget the matching  home cleanse oil. I was experimenting  with the oil for a while so this blend has  citrus  like scent for cleansing as well to match along with candles. Be sure to check out the collection , it might just be up your alley if you need something  to cleanse and refresh your home.


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