Monday, April 1, 2013

April Give Away Peace & Tranquility Spell kit

Peace Spell Candle Sample Kit Pack, with Peace oil, for peace, relaxation, calmness, healing, tranquility

Hi Everyone ,
   Starting off this  month, I thought that I offer something more different this time. So For this Giveaway, I am  going to giving away the  following:
 Peace and Tranquility Sample Pack for your enjoyment! You  will get the chance to try  a pair of mini Peace and Tranquility sample candles with the match peace and tranquility spell oil. And you will have a sample of 2 oz of Peace and Tranquility Bath salts. It will  be wrapped up in a cute  cellophane daisy bag well :) Peace and tranquiltiy  candles are blue and white. It gives a nice healing touch and helps you  feel more calm and  relaxed.  Very soothing when you just need to let go and  have some peace and balance into your life.