Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mom, I love you!

Time really  flies fast,  it just seems that  my mom just passed away  just a few months  but  as of today, it will be one year  since my mom  has left  the earth plane.   While you are reading this today, I will be up visiting her  with my father.  My mom passed away  from breast cancer. She has battled the repeating cancer  for  10 years and it  was so hard on her.  While she is at peace, I can't  imagine   how  much   this has changed me as  the person I am today. Last year, when she passed it was hard.  In fact being psychic for me comes with a price.    If there is one thing that is harder on me it is when  I am able see and feel  a member of my family ready to go to  Heaven.