Thursday, May 1, 2014

2JustBYou Product Review: Success Spell Sampler Kit + Giveaway

  I am excited to announce my Mini Success sampler  kit was  just reviewed! I  love working with Kim and  I have on occasion sponsored her blog.  This article is up and what i sent in was  one  success spell votive with success spell oil  and  I wanted her to try the bourbon  vanilla  perfume oil!  Just wanted to change things up a bit. To my surprised she was so kind to email me and let me know  after she  lit the candle with the oil,  her orders for her shop[ picked up that she was so busy fulfilling the order its why her review delayed. but that's ok, I 'm just happy she  got some  good results from my sampler  pack I sent out.  You can  read her  latest article here.