Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Power of Dragon Blood, How to Work It's Magic

Dragon's blood  is one of the most powerful  resins to work with. It is versatile  when it comes to the use of almost any spell you are working on. Basically one  of the things I love about Dragon's blood  is the fact that  it really adds a lot of strength  to a candle I am making.  When I make my hand rolled candles, sometimes I will  add dragon blood  to a candle.   It all depends on whether I feel that personalized candle needs the added touch  but for the most part   it has been working quite effectively when  people have been  using my magical items. Either way,  dont discount this  Resin , its one of the best items to keep in handy for many reasons but here are a few  tips  when it comes to working  with Dragon  blood.