Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Manifest Your Wishes and Desires

I have been studying the  Law of Attraction since last  year.  Believe it or not,  when I first started  the law of  attraction, I was having a hard time  making  the law of attraction to work for me. It got me frustrated because like most of us who struggle with  this concept,  its the fact that we probably don't  understand how  its needs to be applied to make it work.  For some of us it might be easy to  visualize  what we want  but  for some others  ( like me)  that  might not work. So here's a  concept that works for me, you may  want to try to see if  its applicable to you!  In the  next few weeks I will cover ways to write your lists so you can  get what you desire! After all, the new year is about  getting  things done and feeling good about accomplishing what we want to do! So here let's begin here!