Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dad To The Rescue!

This week's story  is about my dad with my two cats. I thought I share a bit of humor here as my dad has a hard time getting along with  kitties generally but he does love these two even though Tigger  (on the bottom) usually gives him a hard time.  This week my dad  was trying to be hero though.  There has been a pixie bobcat  bullying Tigger all because  he thinks that Tigger is in the way when he wants to get Yuna's ( on top of the tv)  attention. This bobcat isnt that big its about the same size as Tigger of course, but I have seen him before roaming around when I visit my dad and I have always thought that it was a cutie pie.  I actually think this bobcat is even more good looking  than Tigger but I still love my Tigger no matter what.