Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Magic of Spell Candle Tarts

If you havent already  noticed,  I have been slowly adding my collection  of the spell candle  tarts to my shop.   All spell  tarts are made of pure beeswax  which I have  tested and found out the  scent  of the tarts are  very strong and long lasting. I  have been hearing about how  scented  tarts are starting to be popular  in electric warmers and it was a good friend of mine that mentioned making tarts for shop.  Nevertheless, I started  experimenting  with  the  spell tarts. All spell tarts have  charged  herbs  in each of them which I hand  grind and  charge up  with intentions  so its ready to go for your magical needs. 

When it comes to spell tarts  this is what I normally do, I get everything ready to set up my  candle of  choice. It is all depending  on what I am casting at that time.  Let's say I want to do a Love candle. Here are the steps I do in a general love spell.