Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anime Expo 2012

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This  one has nothing to do with my  creations but I just thought I share some  photos  on FB  for  my  Anime  Expo. It was  great  even though i went  completely by myself I did  enjoy it.  I think for the first time I actually took the  time to  take  cos-players and they really put  effort into their  costumes.  Some characters were  really weird  but i found them interesting  enough to take them. So if you haven't  visit my facebook  page, check it out as i will have an  album  of the shots I took of them... Tell me what you think of their  costumes.

Otherwise, I  went on Sunday and  got to see  a concert. I  That was pretty good, i guess I was  waiting for the Fate Zero  Opening song.  She sounded  better than  the original song too...too bad that  I didn't know the other songs she was singing at the concert.

I also debated on either anime  music video contest or the Naruto Shippuden Live action so of course I went with the Live action Film... needless to say it was well worth the wait and  definitely something I  wish  people took the to do the work. Great  fight scenes all the way around but then they are looking for donations to continue the work which i understand since its  very costly in what they are they are trying to bring into the film.

My only complaint would be the fact i missed the voice actor i wanted to see from fate zero  Sadly, his panel  was  on  Saturday but nevertheless the two events I mainly went to were worth it.  Anyways,  I thought I show you a few pics here  and of course there is a whole album of face  book for you to enjoy, but here are a  couple of my favorites...  Anyone else  an  anime fan? And if anyone  is looking to get into anime  I  definitely  recommend Fate Zero which finished recently, a total of only 25   episodes but its definitely one of the best anime I have  seen to date!


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