Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shop Feature: Whimsy Burd

      hi Everyone, I am  proud to introduce you to an Etsy Shop owner Mollie Burd. This  lady is very talented at making furniture and I find that she does such  beautful work. I would consider buying furniture from her if I owned my place and wasnt renting. In the meantime,  enjoy this  feature about her! And don't forget to stop by Whimsy Burd at Etsy  for more of her wonderful products. You just might come across something you like to add to your home.

  1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?

       I named my shop Whimsy Burd simply because my furniture is quaint and fanciful which is the definition for Whimsy. And of course Burd is from my last name.

  1. Tell  us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?

       I think my shop is unique because I paint furniture that is out of the ordinary. I try not to go with trends and I am always working on my own methods and designs. I do like custom orders as well and want to fill my shop full of ideas for people to get inspiration if they want a custom piece.

 Painted Table - Sewing - Storage - Mosaic - Antique - Bamboo

  1.  What is your favorite  item at the store and why?

              My favorite item is probably the writing desk and matching chair that goes with it. I did decoupage on the sides of the desk and have a really nice upholstery on the seat of the chair that complements the drawer fronts of the desk. This is a higher priced item, but it took a lot of time and preparation. Plus the furniture is well made and has nice lines.

 Painted Furniture - Desk - Hand Painted - Whimsical.

  1. What inspires create your products?

        I get inspiration from nature and other bloggers who also paint furniture. It is fun to collaborate and help each other learn new techniques. I have found other painters to be open about what they do and I reciprocate as well. There is no need to be secretive because we all are unique even if we share ideas with each other. And it just is a fun way to interact and share what we do.

 Garden Globe - Mosaic - Custom

  1. Where can we find you?

       You can find me on my blog
on my etsy shop and on my facebook fan page

  1. What advice can you give for other sellers out there for their shop?

             The advice I would give other sellers for their shops is to have really good pictures and lots of details on their product. I am still working on my photo's and really need to get a good camera. I would love to hire a professional to take my photos, but that is not in the budget right now. I think you can have a really good product, but if the photo's are not well done it does not even matter. People will not look or buy unless the photo's are well done.

Now For Some Fun Facts about Mollie!

  1. What is your Favorite Food?

       I think authentic Mexican is my favorite food. I love avocado's and guacamole. I really do not have much of a sweet tooth, except for ice cream.

  1. Describe us one positive event in your life in your life that you felt was a miracle to you or that you knew the Universe was there watching  over you.

Meeting my fiance was my miracle. Little things have happened in our time together that is explainable. For instance, he will be thinking something and I well say it. Or just how we have a sense when the other one is having a bad day even when we do not tell each other. Once I told him I always had a favorite house in our town of 28,0000. He told me he did too and drove me to it. It was the same house that was my favorite!!! So yeah, that is why I know that someone is looking over me. Not sure who or what it is, but there is a lot more to life than we as humans can comprehend.

  1. What is your favorite  vacation spot and why?

            My favorite vacation spot at this point is home lol. I do like to travel, but too be honest I love being home the best. I have been to Italy which was awesome and seeing the Grand Canyon was pretty spectacular to say the least. I do want to go to Ireland yet, since I am extremely Irish and that culture appeals to me. Love cottages and green pastures. Green tea is my favorite! I drink five cups of it everyday. It centers me and makes me feel healthy.

  1. Anything else you like to share with us today?

      Just a couple more things about me. I have two beautiful daughters and am a grandma now to a 11 month old Lydia Rose. My daughter's names are Olivia and Grace. I also finished my degree to teach. I am having mixed feelings though about being a teacher, but think that it will happen if it is meant to be. I just need to find the right school that is a good fit for me.


  1. Thanks Joelle, I love what I do and hopefully can make it full-time someday. Keep-in-touch

  2. I ma sure you will one day, its one step at a time to build that business of yours and you really do have lovely work :)

  3. Thanks Joelle, and since you are psychic I believe you (:


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