Monday, May 6, 2013

Review on Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

 I'm not the biggest fan of Tarot  but I have to say that  I  have always loved  cards made by Doreen Virtue and this deck is  no exception.  I have  always  connected to  Angel  cards  faster. The messages I get from  doing angel cards are much more clearer and  I pick up messages  much more  intuitively. Either way Angel cards have always  been my thing plus when  this deck came out I just knew it a good deck for me to work with.

Let me say I love the design of the cards. The artwork was absolutely beautiful.  The size of the cards are a  bit big  which is her style anyways so for some  people they may think its a bit hard to shuffle but I have quite a knack of shuffling cards  so I didn't find any difficulty   doing the shuffling. Perhaps I am just used to shuffling all sizes of  cards these days. On another note, I  noticed the deck is more modern meaning some of the cards are renamed. For example,  Cards like the fool is renamed The Dreamer,  Death  card is renamed Release and  Devil is renamed the Ego are just of few of the cards renamed.  Besides the renaming of the cards,  I have noticed that  these cards  don't  have  reserved meanings which i thought was very  different but I tend to think of these cards more like a  reading oracle cards.  Since there are no reverse meanings in this deck, I find these cards  more helpful on focusing on the positive when giving readings to people. Regardless of the news  given during the readings it these cards help  give it a positive spin on the readings which is what we need these days. There are  people that tend to think  reverse cards are consider  negative  but in all honesty, it is all how we  interpret the cards meanings.  Since  there are people are a bit  fearful of cards like the Devil ,  the Tower  or  Death  cards  as  examples, these types cards are renamed and the definitions help you  understand the positive meanings  which is a brilliant idea in what Doreen cards. I have been  playing with this deck for about a year now and I have to say that its one of my favorite decks. Give them a try, you might like them.  :)


  1. That's really interesting. I didn't know there were so many differences between tarot cards. Glad you're enjoying your new deck. =)

  2. yes there are so many different decks and different ways they interpret cards just have to go with the deck you click with the most... I love these cards and I am not one that likes to play with tarot either so its nice to double check my work with them.


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